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Mablevi Sarghress

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Mablevi is the commander of the Fallen Legion, a stealth-based division of the Val'Sarghress military.

Appearance & Personality

Mablevi is a stern male drowalath, with dark violet eyes and white hair that is pulled back into braids and tied behind his head. His skin, typical of Chelian-born drow, is marked with light grey markings and tattoos that cover his arms and chest. He is usually seen without a shirt when at home in the Fallen Legion training room.

The leader of the Fallen Legion was noted by Ariel Val'Sarghress to have a sobering effect on his subordinates, often bringing out a quiet and serious side to her bodyguards when in his presence. His loyalty is to the clan first, answering only to the clan's leader, as shown with his obedience to Sang during her leadership and then his acknowledgement of Ariel's successful leadership challenge.

Mablevi oversees Ariel's martial training with the Fallen Legion.

Biography- Arc I

Mablevi was first seen when Jiv'kyn reported the incident at the Black Dragon Tavern, after Laele'elle carved a path through the inhabitants. He appeared to be reasonable and willing to listen to the suggestions of his subordinates, such as when Jiv'kyn suggested that Laele'aell no longer be used to protect Ariel due to Laele's volatile nature.[1]

Biography - Arc III

Hunting the Wolf Pack

Mablevi led the Fallen Legion troops under the command of Sang Niz'zre Sarghress in the hunt for Ariel Val'Sarghress and her followers, after the latter had been declared rogue by the Alliance. When the legion closed in on their target at the colony of Shikomei, Mablevi and another Stocklem managed to infiltrate the battleground, approaching Kel'noz Val'Sarghress undetected. As Stockelm provided a distraction to the sorcerer, Mablevi managed to sneakin behind the other drow, stabbing Kel'noz in the back and hand respectively. He was knocked away before he could finish his attempt on the sorcerer's life, however, due to the intervention of Slyand'iss in his golem armor[2].

Mablevi lands an attack on Kel'noz after sneaking up behind him.

Bitter Reunion

After tracking their quarry to Felde, the Legion arrived to find the city under siege. Instead of a warm welcome as allies, the Feldian defenders fired on the troops, thinking that they were part of the invading forces. After a quick effort to subdue the remaining rebel forces, the Legion made their way to the central tower to confront the rogue Sarghress elements.

Mablevi accompanied Sang into the tower itself, and at her command attacked Kel'noz Val'Sarghress again, interrupting the sorcerer as he tried to speak to the Fallen leader[3]. He then watched as Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro stepped forward in an attempt to halt the hostilities, first by a speech and then by calling out Sang on Kel'noz's behalf and challenging the commander for leadership of the Sarghress. When Sang spoke skeptically about the duel, noting the condition of her opponent, Mablevi advised her to accept the challenge, as their people would remember any refusals[4].

Before it could be launched in full, the leadership duel was interrupted by the collapse of the central tower, which began to crumble under the impact of the exploding airship outside. Mablevi chased the duelists outside, where Kel'noz had retreated, drawing Sang with him into an area that had started to become infested by demons. Breaking through a wall that the sorcerer had raised in order to separate them from their followers, Mablevi and several sealers found their commander on the ground, having been attacked by the demons that had managed to escape their nurse wranglers. Jumping to her defense, the Fallen leader moved quickly, knocking out Kel'noz with a punch to the jaw [5].

Mablevi bows to a surprised Ariel, acknowledging her leadership of the clan.

Another Shift In Leadership

Mablevi was among the crowd observing the "trial" of Kel'noz and Ariel Val'Sarghress, having escorted the rogue elements of the clan home to the Sarghress Fortress. When an unidentified sniper fired upon the Val prisoners, wounding Kel'noz and barely missing Ariel, a riot amongst the crowd ensued, allowing the prisoners to make an attempt to escape. He attempted to fight through the crowd in an effort to recapture Ariel, only to miss her as she used her wind sorcery to evade the Fallen commander.

As he managed to catch up to her, the pursuit was halted as Ariel issued a challenge to Mandroga for leadership of the clan. Waiting with the others clan members, he observed as the young Val took on multiple challengers, until Mandroga himself was forced to step into the ring. Ariel was declared the victor after a brutal fight with the Sarghress commander; afterwards, Mablevi silently approached her, offering the newly declared Sarghress leader a bow of respect[6].

Notable Quotes

"There are always extreme situations that require extreme solutions after all." - To Jiv'kyn, in response to the suggestion to keep Laele'elle at the Fallen Legion quarters instead of protecting the heir.

"They are so cheerful when it's just the three of us. But when we are training, everyone act so strict and distant. It's as if Mablevi makes them into someone else." - Ariel Val'Sarghress, reflecting on Mablevi's effect on Jiv'kyn and Myo'na.

Character Concept