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Appeared in chapters                                                          57  

Miri'rakiam is a young Sarghress soldier.

Appearance & Personality

Miri'rakiam is a female dokkalfar with a lean build and pale blue eyes. She has wavy brown hair drawn into a loose ponytail. She wears standard Sarghress armor, personalized with a red overcoat and a decorative blue scarf with a cloud pattern. Her preferred weapon is a glaive.

Having spent much of her life living in a peaceful surface colony, Miri'rakiam has a positive outlook and friendly demeanor. She is especially happy around the colony's children, whom she entertains with performances of light sorcery and song. However, as a colonist, she has few attachments to the underworld and little desire to be involved in the ongoing chaos and conflict within Chel.

Biography - Arc III

Miri'rakiam first appeared as one of the Sarghress soldiers within the Sarghress-Imperial coalition. As the march against the dome stalled under heavy counterattack by agents loyal to Snadhya'rune. As she took momentary cover alongside her fellow Sarghress Saga and Rag'naros, as well as the renegade Val'Sharen Chigusa, Miri'rakiam steeled herself to shout a rebuttal towards the Feldian agents demanding their retreat.

Unfortunately, the Nidraa'chal forces unleashed a widespread attack combining empathy and spellsong.[1] With many among the coalition momentarily stunned, a particularly brutish and deformed agent leapt forward and seized hold of the defiant young woman.[2]

Notable Quotes

"Welcome to Chel..."[3] - While taking a brief respite from the chaos.

Character Concept