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This article contains all the Hel Episode announcements made by the comic's author for Hel - Season 1: Fallen Angel. These often elaborate on or clarify details not explicitly stated in the comic itself, but regardless provide a sort of commentary for each page. These announcements are made in the Hel channel of the Official Discord and can also be read on the comic's Official Facebook Page.

Series Announcement

Series Cover

Kern: "The gate opens. Ready to dive?"

Episode Announcements

Episodes 1-10

Episode 1

Kern: "Hel's gate open! With the first update Fallen Angel."

Episode 2

Kern: "The strongest, most powerful protagonist appears - I mean antagonist. DiscordIcon Slime Fufufu.gif And the first official Helian in the story, so I guess it's all downhill from here."

Episode 3

Kern: "Fallen angel. DiscordIcon Slime Fufufu.gif DiscordIcon Sibelle.webp The big bad demon goat arrives."

Episode 4

Kern: "Lets make a deal."

Episode 5

Kern: "Hanging city."

Episode 6

Kern: "Episode 6 is up! With Seven showing up. Damn him and not matching the episode number."

Episode 7

Kern: "The biggest update yet -- Nine visits the second circle and get overwhelmed." DiscordIcon Slime Fufufu.gif

Episode 8

Kern: "Tortured diver trap and cookies. Come for your prisoner, get a free cookie? Or get a free cookie and be given a prisoner? Hard to say."

Episode 9

Kern: "Fat and salt be praised!"

Episode 10

Kern: "Slime - A common monster, lvl 1, drops cookie crumbs. Vs Big muscular dragon man - Special monster, lvl 10, drops a horn."

Episodes 11-20

Episode 11

Kern: "This page is the first one where I used the style I had practiced for this series. Only 11 episodes in! DiscordIcon Pebbles lol.gif Heavy ink and all that."

Episode 12

Kern: "I am beyond ascended, I am -- An update! Episode 12 is up and we go shonen! It is a Friday update. I actually finish the episodes on Thursday then help my wife with the coloring but this one is pretty big and need a bit more time."

Episode 13

Kern: "Team battle go!"

Episode 14

Kern: "Hunters on the prowl."

Episode 15

Kern: "Those are some big bugs. Face my arcane nuggets!" DiscordIcon Slime Fufufu.gif

Episode 16

Kern: "A great fall into the canopy. If you like it, give it an emote. I know its little but it'll keep me sane. DiscordIcon FatCat Aaa.webp These episodes are a much bigger work than DT. Attached is Charcoal's design from 2020."

Episode 17

Kern: "Through the third circle. Share the story's link if you know someone who might like it." DiscordIcon FatCat.webp

Episode 18

Kern: "An old friend and a stalker. Hope you'll enjoy grumpy Sibelle. She is the icon of the server. DiscordIcon Sibelle.webp With a concept art of the fourth from years ago."

Episode 19

Kern: "Nine learns a crucial lesson. Touch the "water", do it! In this one Nine is learning something crucial. Attached, the oldest picture of Sibelle from 2019."

Episode 20

Kern: "Bath, old adventuring party talk, and the challenge in learning to trust again. Its caller time! Oops thats a seeing orb, not a talking orb."

Episodes 21-30

Episode 21

Kern: "Teeth of flesh and metal. Every horror comes when the protag is vulnerable in the bathroom. They're so pretty that they had to be included in the project countdown."

Episode 22

Kern: "Never give in to threats, even if your enemy is a mimic in armor. Nom-nom, taste like milk."

Episode 23

Kern: "A proper demon slaying tool. This week's concept art is the weapon design. A very recent concept as Nine's original concept did not include a weapon."

Episode 24

Kern: "Flight at last."

Episode 25

Kern: "Shopping, bleeding and the go the F to sleep Yaro."

Episode 26

Kern: "Hungry bird and cooking on someone's bald head. Food. Best not think too deeply about where the meat came from."

Episode 27

Kern: "Moths. With the original concept for a moth drawn as part of a challenge of turning an animal into a character. We liked her so much we made dozens of moth characters afterward."

Episode 28

Kern: "Memories. . The episode was cut short and we still ended up putting it up a Monday night. May need to shorten an episode even more to catch up on the delays. Concept art of the glassland from 3 years ago."

Episode 29

Kern: "Giant of Light. With a concept art of the floating continents. Also, lamp."

Episode 30, Part 1

Kern: "Episode 30, Part 1. Following suggestions, a half skip. We're putting up what was finished coloring, the rest (2/3 of the episode) goes up on Friday. That cat at the end was drawn by Kite."

Episode 30, Part 2

Kern: "Episode 30, Part 2. Have a comic page from 2012 of those light pillars as real ancient concept arts."

Episodes 31-40

Episode 31

Kern: "For episode 31 lets revisit a 2020 early concept of Bale. Some elements stayed but his design got the most changes."

Episode 32

Kern: "Bale's mistakes. Episode 32, with a much more recent concept art of the two companions. The third companion is on this discord server, top left animation in the banner." DiscordIcon EtoileHeart.webp

Episode 33

Kern: "True sunlight. Episode 33, this week's concept art is the 3D model of the glass mountain by Darkvolt."

Episode 34

Kern: "Judgement. Sibelle was ready. After all, she is not here for the kindness of returning a stray glowing bird. Concept Art of the Week 2021: Nine's armor design was used for the valkyrie instead, albeit with two more wings."

Episode 35

Kern: "Since drowlings were brought up quite a few times and the lore bit does make the comparison, these Aesir don't fall so easily to demons. There are reasons why they appear to be on the winning side of the war. 2022 for the armor model. No feathers though!"

Episode 36

Kern: "What comes up must go down. Attached, an early draft of what a conflict in the glassland could look like between angel and Sibelle. Too bad Sibelle left her weapons at home. Drawn April, 2020."

Episode 37, Part 1

Kern: "Episode 37, Part 1. Going very far for this week's concept art. This one is March 2012. Episode 37 will come in two part as Mary fell very sick this week. She needed and still needs time to recover."

Episode 37, Part 2

Kern: "Episode 37, Part 2 is finally up. Is this lore?"

Episode 38

Kern: "Powering up! For today's concept art it is from 2012, more early concept for the Tower of Light. Episode 38 Shounen battle intensifying. It was interesting to draw a vertical battle on a mountain."

Episode 39

Kern: "Regretting life decisions. Burning, stabbing, and fall. This hero has 2 brain cells."

Episode 40

Kern: "New knees and new back. "Goat boi" changed horns design so many times in the last few years. Ended up with the easiest ones to draw."

Episodes 41-50

Episode 41

Kern: "Punching is a solid comeback argument. Still no Cohla, where is the slime? At least Goat boi fists still work."

Episode 42

Kern: "Give up your bones. Concept from 2017, the first slime and the start of bones fixation. You guessed about the slime, but an episode early."

Episode 43

Kern: "I choose home. Windows difficulty at the moment so here's a concept art of Helian housing by Darkvolt."

Episode 44

Kern: "Cast down without wings in search for answers. The Nine armor concept wasn't a reuse of a concept for the Valkyrie, it was just meant to be her armor eventually. Battle loot!"

Episode 45

Kern: "First story's finale. Some old Hel prototype sketches from many years ago. Including an interaction between Nine and one of the biting mouths."


Interlude, Part 1

Kern: "Sibelle's return. Interlude, part 1 of 2. These were made with Mary painting right on top of a quick sketch. The replacement to the chibi pages of old that needs to be done fast so I can work on storyboarding the entire second season and do all the concept arts."

Interlude, Part 2

Kern: "Payment due. Interlude 2 , a continuation of noses being stolen by this villain."

Special Pages

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