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Appeared in chapters                                                     52       

A scholarly city near the darkest center of the Mist Sea that exists to study the effects of the Mist, and its relationship with the meteor that fell into the Underworld. The Vel'Sharen are named as a defender of this city.


A research post funded by the Sharen clan, a rumored source of their extensive golem development. Sha'shi is a town set haphazardly in the middle of the sea of mist. It's built upon against a fallen fragment of a moon, whose ore is crystallized due to its hot entry into the planet in a time long forgotten. Sha'shi's unlimited source of exploitable gemstones attracted many researchers from cities across the continent: Chel'el'sussoloth, Nuqrah'shareh, Mimaneid. Due to its distance and lack natural resources, it's a costly place to live in [1]. Just outside Sha'shi's boundary, there are ancient Duergar hovels scattered around the abyssal plains [2].

The mist of the Nidavellir is at its thickest in and around Sha'shi, altering the way one perceives mana[3] and filtering the majority of sunlight. The road to Sha'shi is treacherous and surrounded by an endless nothingness. The meteorite in Sha'shi is harvested for its unique type of ore only found in the sky world, but other than this Sha'shi has no trading or strategic value. Scholars live here merely to study its effects, believing it has a relationship with the Mist.


Houses, huts and even tents are build haphazardly on a giant boulder, the meteorite that fell from the sky--these places come and go on the whims of the people. Many of Sha'shi's non-fae inhabitants are dvergar, or dwarves--intelligent creatures made of various types of rock and speak very little. They have no interest in the meteor, only in getting the scholarly folk of the city to cooperate. Dvergar normally want no part of the drow, having hassled the elves in the past.

The scholars have discovered that the mist effects all life in the Underworld: it changes inhabitants from the surface over generations, even non-fae. For example, Rift Halmes are a result of surface halmes being transformed into blind, pale versions when bred in the mist.

The scholars have a passionate approach to the study the stones and animals of the region, like faeries, and they also have an invested interest in studying other sentient civilizations. Golem engineering is a heavy presence in Sha'shi daily life, with many being used to haul material up the walkways ringing the meteor[4].

More can be discovered about this city in the Sha'shi audiobook.[5]

This article reflects events up to Chapter 52.