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Zith Sarghress

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An officer in the Val'Sarghress military.

Appearance and Personality

She wears simple armor and red clothes along with a red cloak to show her rank. Her hair is neatly tied into a short ponytail and dyed red at the ponytail. Her ambition is to achieve a high rank and also receive fortune while at it.

Biography - Arc II

The District War

Zith reports the current state of the battlefield to Quain'tana.

Following the Sarghress assault on First Landing, Zith reports to Quain'tana on the latest battlefield news. She was present when Quain'tana berated and punished Ariel for not following orders by sending her to the surface to be trained by Quill'yate. On command, Zith engraves this order for Quain'tana. When Ariel leaves, Zith smirks at how light that punishment is and Quain'tana explains Ariel did what Quain'tana herself would have done, leaving Zith to deduce the reassignment is actually a reward.

The Puppeteer Incident

Zith and Tebryn escort Quain'tana to her parlay with Zala'ess.

During the initial parlay with Zala'ess Vel'Sharen, Zith and Tebryn acted as Quain'tana's bodyguards, escorting her to the meeting on Vel'Vloz'ress territory. When the Balvhakara attempted a show of force by using a massive war golem to tear the roof off of the building the meeting was being held in, Zith appeared unimpressed, stating that the last golem they sent was now a door decoration.[1] Not fooled by the Sharen and Ill'hardro attempts to intimidate her, Quain'tana grabbed Zala'ess by the face, forcing her to call off her supporters. Zith and the other bodyguards and subordinates were then ordered out of the room, with Zith and Tebryn receiving orders to stand guard outside the door.

After the parlay was concluded, Quain'tana and her bodyguards returned to the Val'Sarghress fortress to discuss strategy. When the Demon God began to break through its portal and into Chel, Zith accompanied Quain'tana as she rode to investigate. At this time, Zith fell victim to [[Kharla'ggen Vel'Vloz'ress]'s puppeteering ability, and was forced to attack Quain'tana. In the aftermath of the attack, Zith and Tebryn survived, but their wolves were killed by Quain'tana. She would later state her displeasure with doing so, as they had only been trying to protect their masters.[2]

Sarghress Civil War

After the assault on Snadhya'rune's tower in Chel, Zith stood guard outside of a guardroom, where Quain'tana took out her frustration at recent events on a punching bag. She attempted to stop Ariel from entering, telling her that the Ill'haress didn't want to see anyone - the last thing she needed right now was more family matters. Faen quickly intervened, distracting Zith by pleading for assistance with baby Octarya's diaper. The distraction was successful, and Ariel was able to slip past Zith and into the room to see Quain'tana.[3]

Days later, Zith again stood guard, this time outside of the healing chamber where a Val'Sullisin'rune healer prepared to perform surgery on Quain'tana's face in order to remove the flesh that was rotting due to the flower poison. Suu'be began to insult Ariel after insisting that the Ill'haress step down in, not noticing that Quain'tana was approaching from behind her. Zith tried to warn the commander, but before she could get a further word out, Quain'tana confronted Suu'be about her words and insinuations, and then proceeded to beat her severely. Once Koil'dorath was able to calm the Ill'haress down, Zith stepped in and checked to make sure that Suu'be was still alive, and helped to carry her into the healing chamber.[4]

Zith attempts to calm Quain'tana down after the healer angers her by trying to force sedation on her.

The next day, another attempt was made for the healer to operate on Quain'tana's face. Zith stood watch with Angjss'stra over the procedure. Quain'tana refused to be sedated in order for the healer to remove her eye, and ordered them to throw the healer out. Instead, Zith and Angjss'stra moved to restrain the Ill'haress, apologizing as they did so and telling her it was for her own good. This only incited more rage from the clan leader, who continued to resist the healer's attempts at sedation.

After letting out a bellow of rage, Quain'tana lashed out, breaking free from her bodyguards and smashing the healer's head against the treatment table. When Zith attempted again to restrain her, telling her that they were trying to help her, Quain'tana refused to listen, and stabbed the officer with her own sword after jamming the syringe plunger into Angjss'stra's eye. With both bodyguards taken out of commission, Quain'tana began tearing through her guards at a rapid pace as she moved to confront Suu'be, who she thought was the root of all of her recent problems.[5]

Notable Quotes

"Sounds like you're proud of her. So that assignment is actually a reward?" To Quain'tana, commenting on Ariel's "punishment" assignment to train with the Highland Raiders.

"Oh no, fuck fuck fuck! Snap out of it! We're trying to help you!" - To Quain'tana, attempting to calm down the enraged Ill'haress after the failed healing attempt.

Character Concept