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Abi'reo Val'Sullisin'rune

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Ab'ireo is a Val'Sullisin'rune battle empath with Elendlari training. She fought alongside the Val'Sarghress at the assault on Sharen-held districts around Darya Lake.

Appearance and Personality

Ab'ireo sports the Sullissin'rune mismatched eyes - one blue and one gold. She dyes her hair in shades of light and dark blue and sports Sullissin war paint over her face. She tends to dress extravagantly in Sullisin'rune fashion. In battle she wears a sari over armor, with tones of soft blues. She always is seen with her summoning glove, and carries no weapon as she sees her summoning and empathy as far better than simple tools of steel.

Ab'ireo is a haughty Val, very self assured and proper. She dislikes pungent odors, including sweaty troops and most especially sweaty wolf mounts. Decadent and full of herself, she acts above many, and she has no qualms about using her empathy to her advantage. However, when in battle she puts this aside to her best ability and works with her teammates.

In her younger years she had befriended a few Sharen, and so did not have much animosity toward the clan before the war. However, she is greatly disgusted at the ways the Vel'Sharen have turned to of late and pities those that have fallen from grace. As an Ash'waren supporter through and through, she respects her Ill'haress's will and fights alongside the Val'Sarghress.


Ab'ireo Val'Sullissin'rune is a battle empath of Salan'dara's line. She is also a traditional summoner with some minor Velnar training.

Assault on Darya Lake

Ab'ireo was assigned as an empath to help root out Sharen fighters at the Homeland Front. During the battle, she discovered a possible Sharen summoner inside a building. After indicating to Fallen Legion member Tabel Barrilyl Sarghress to sneak around, she entered the structure to find the walls gripping the carcass of a wolf mount. After taunting the summoner to come out, Ab'ireo discovered a nether gate on the second level.

The Sullissin'rune became distracted in shutting down the gate, all the time lamenting the Sharen's dirty tactics that were destroying them. She had filled her sealing gems to near-overload when a horror demon came up behind her and latched on. Losing control of her gems, they exploded.[1] The Horror left Ab'ireo a husk of a person, another body to bring home and possibly to drive more Sullissin'rune to fury over the costs of the war on their small numbers. She was left terribly mana deprived and tainted, and healers are not hopeful for her recovery.

Character Concept