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Athaeyen Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                47            

A cheerful Sarghress cook with a fish obsession.

Appearance & Personality

Athaeyen is a tall and lanky drowolath with pale blue eyes and long white hair. Her hair is drawn into a messy ponytail and has two long red sidelocks. She is extremely cheerful and energetic, though clumsy. She has a peculiar obsession with fish.


Athaeyen expresses her love of fish with her cooking.

She is first seen in a Sarghress bar, during the closing hours of the district war. She is seen handing out fish-shaped food made of what is most certainly a non-fish substance.

Later, she is seen evacuating with other non-combatants as the legions move to engage the Demon God summoned forth by Ni'bai, shouting out words of encouragement.

Notable Quotes

"Best of luck to you all! Kick their asses!"

Character Concept