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Genani Sarghress

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Genani is a Highland Raider who assisted Ariel during her journey on the surface.

Appearance & Personality

Genani is a female drowussu with a wiry build and green eyes. She has short red hair styled into a bob cut. She is outfitted in the standard armor of a Highland Raider, with no further ornamentation. While she sometimes equips a large buckler, her favoured weapon is a large and heavy double-headed maul.

She is a rather dour and taciturn individual while on duty, with a strong sense of professionalism and loyalty. Despite this, she displays a much warmer demeanor when at rest and around those she considers friends, though her drowussu upbringing and mindset does isolate her somewhat among her drowolath peers.

Biography - Arc I

Klar'bol Market

Genani first appeared as Ariel traveled to the Klar'bol market. While her companion enjoyed a loaf of bread, Genani rested against a nearby wall. She was one of the many people Ariel saw as the young child gazed with wonder on sights unfamiliar from her time secluded within the Sarghress Fortress.[1]

Genani relaxes with her comrades.[2]

Awaiting Orders

Eventually, Genani reunited with the rest of her squad in Machike, enjoying a round of drinks and swapping farcical stories.[3]

Tracking Ariel

As fate would have it, Genani and her squad were soon tasked with a mission of utmost importance. As Ariel made her expedition to the surface in search of Faen, Quill'yate was tasked with supervising the young heir from afar and ensuring she returned safely.[4] It was Genani's squad that was ultimately chosen by Quill'yate to provide this supervision. It did not take long for the adventure to turn dangerous, as she was betrayed and kidnapped by one of her own companions. Genani and her squad arrived at the expedition's campsite, noting abandoned equipment as a sign of trouble.[5] Quickly deducing that Ariel's party had split, Nel'ralka used a tracker they had been given to determine Ariel had gone in the direction of the tracks leading to the wastes, much to the consternation of Genani. Ruling out an attack by The Snake or halmes, the raiders elected to pursue Ariel's trail.[6]

Genani puts her talents to work creating an escape route.[7]

Battle of Nagyescsed

Eventually, the raiders tracked Ariel to the Chaktice, the capital city of the halme kingdom of Nagyescsed.[8] As Ariel and her companions had been struggling to find a way into the settlement's castle, the raiders launched an assault upon the city, relying heavily on their foes superstition to terrorize the residents with mana arts and prevent them from mustering effective resistance. Genani focused her efforts on smashing a path through the city's stonework.[9]

The sudden assault provided all the distraction Ariel's party required, allowing them to make their way to the city's castle while the city's garrison was in chaos. While Ariel located and recused Faen amongst the fae captives, Chiri and Shan made their way to the decadent inner court, where the royal family had been bathing in fae blood in a superstitious attempt to gain eternal youth. Disgusted by the sight, they executed the king and several members of his retinue, though the Queen escaped with the royal heir. As Ariel's group reunited for their escape, they came into contact with Genani's squad, who were making efforts to ensure the halme defenders would be isolated and unable to organize a pursuit. Though Key'sal admitted her squad not supposed to provide such assistance to Ariel in her quest, they considered the city's garrison as too large an obstacle to force Ariel to confront alone.[10] After pausing to collect themselves, the combined groups made their way out of the castle through a passage carved into the stonework by Genani.

Return to Chel

Having made their way into the mountains, Ariel finally parted ways with her companions. While Chiri departed with many of the prisoners to travel north, Ariel began her return to Chel under the escort of the raiders. The journey was largely uneventful, with the Sarghress party arriving in Machike shortly before the year's end.[11] After resting and being debriefed by Quill'yate, the group departed atop dawmeres for a further journey to the Sarghress Fortress. While Teb'ryn rode alone due to her large size, most of the others rode in pairs, with Melodia riding alongside Genani.[12]

Within four days, they had reached the eastern wilds, eagerly anticipating a chance to rest. As she scratched Melodia, having grown fond of the young feral, Genani noted they all needed a good bath.[13] However, their ease was broken as they came upon the final outpost along their path, finding it in shambles. With the mark of the Black Sun boldly painted upon the ruined structure, the raiders immediately placed themselves on guard. While Key'sal interrogated a merchant that had taken temporary refuge in the destroyed outpost, Andri'fel scouted ahead to ensure the path forward was clear. Finding no signs of the attackers or their victims, the group warily proceeded.[14] Some hours later, they finally approached the outskirts of the Sarghress Fortress, noting new fortifications that had not been present when they departs.[15] Having safely returned their charge, Genani and the rest of her squad mingled with their comrades as they prepared for a well-deserved rest.[16]

Notable Quotes

"There's no reason for them to go in the wasteland! The safe route is north!"[17] - Expressing concern at the abrupt change in direction Ariel's trail had taken.

Outside of Moonless Age

Though not part of verified Moonless Age canon, Genani was a character in the Mel's Knighthood visual-roleplay story. She also later appeared as a player character in Relic Hunters. More information can be found here.

Character Concept