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Great Turtle Summon

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A massive turtle summon known as a "summoner killer" due to the extreme mana requirements to summon and sustain it.

Appearance & Personality

The Great Turtle Summon is a massive summoned creature, formed of stone that has been shaped into a gigantic turtle. The mana forming it has been shown to readers with a violet and blue glow, marking it as a traditional vs. nether summon type. It has shown protective qualities right before the mana sustaining it ran out, as its last act without a summoner controlling it was to save the life of Kiel'ndia and Nau'kheol.

Biography - Arc II

The Turtle summon core, sitting dormant in the Nuqrah'Shareh Queen's Armory.

Nuqrah'shareh Civil War

The Great Turtle Summon was first shown sitting in the Queen's Armory of the Nuqrah'shareh capital fortress as a dormant mana core. The core was of unusually large size, indicating the potential size of the summon housed within. Initially discovered by Shen'fya Val'Illhar'dro as she ran from the Sharen forces attempting to retake the fortress, she attempted to activate the summon after being cornered in the armory by Chrys'tel and Nau'kheol Vel'Sharen. The mana required to fully activate the summon were more than the rebel had bargained for, however, and Shen'fya was only able to partially activate it before being fatally drained of all of her mana. Before dissipating, even the partially summoned turtle was enough to collapse the tower housing the armory.

Kharla'ggen summons the Turtle without assistance, showing her incredible mana reserves.

Journey To Felde

After the uprising in Nuqrah'shareh was quelled, the Turtle was turned over to the Sharen. Rather than let it sit dormant in the armory, Chrys'tel and Nau'kheol acquired the summon core, and offered it as a gift to Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress, hoping it would rekindle some of her waning creative energies. Upon examination by Koana Vloz'ress, it was estimated that to summon the Turtle would require a minimum of 12 summoners in a linked circle, all of whom were over 100 years old - and even then, there was no guarantee that they would not faint before the summon was stabilized[1]. While the clan leaders discussed their potential options for providing enough mana, Kharla'ggen Vel'Vloz'ress stepped forward and offered to call it from its core. To everyone's surprise and awe, the massive summon activated easily, forming a gigantic turtle large enough to house several people.

Days later, with a shelter now built upon its "shell," the Great Turtle Summon acted as a mount for Kiel'ndia and her companions as they journeyed to Felde in order to investigate Snadhya'rune's recent plotting. The Turtle moved under Kharla's direction, causing them to lose their bearing, until they were met by a party of passing Jaal'darya engineers who agreed to lead them the rest of the journey. During their greeting, the engineers expressed admiration for the massive summon.

Returning To The Vloz'ress Fortress

The Turtle continued its duties as a mount for Kiel'ndia's party as they exited Felde in the wake of a raid by the airborne Kavahini Clan. Safely returning its drow cargo to Chel, it paused temporarily as it reached the Vloz'ress Fortress outskirts, as the crew attempted to acquire food for Kharla'ggen. Due to the massive amounts of mana required to power the summon for so long, the Ill'haress had begun requiring large amounts of food in order to sustain herself and her mana reserves.

Once they had arrived at the Fortress itself, the turtle partially collapsed, but remained active due to Kharla'ggen being too hungry and irritated to bother unsummoning it.

The Great Turtle faces off against the Demon God, withstanding multiple attacks as defense forces gather.

The Puppeteer Incident

When Kharla'ggen was forced into the summoning ritual in an attempt by the deceased Sene'kha's remaining followers to bring forth a Demon God, the Great Turtle attempted to break into the Vloz'ress Fortress in an attempt to reach its summoner. Using the Turtle as a climbing platform, Kiel'ndia managed to use its assistance to reach the Fortress' ceremonial chamber, and attempted to rescue her "Lil' Sis" as the Ill'haress' puppet sorcery took control of the drow in the surrounding area, turning them against their clan leaders.

Acting on its instincts to defend its summoner, it showed enough strength to withstand the attacks of the Demon God that had manage to burst through the rift opening, and continued to try to bring down the Fortress. Showing a portion of self-awareness, it continued its defense despite Kharla'ggen's concentration being interrupted enough to disrupt her puppeteer sorcery - even going so far as to headbutt the Demon Guard as its mana aura began to siphon off. Eventually, the Demon God managed to break through the rift, but its advance was halted as the Great Turtle stood in its path, buying time for the now freed drow warriors to regroup and mount a defense against the monstrous nether beast.

The Turtle's last act before fading away is to save its summoner's favorite "big sis."

Kharla'ggen was lost with the demon that had once been Naal'suul Val'Beldrobbaen, and the two fell into the rift with the Demon God once it had been driven back to its home plane. Its connection to its summoner now severed, the Great Turtle performed one more act of protection before its mana faded, which was to catch hold of Kiel'ndia and Nau'kheol before they too fell into the Vloz'ress Rift[2].

Afterwards, the stones forming the turtle would remain at the edge of the rift, still holding the turtle's form but no longer active.

Notable Quotes

"BABY!" - Kharla'ggen Vel'Vloz'ress, in regards to the Giant Turtle Summon.

"Your turtle is just too much, Dahling. A majestic piece of work!" - Fia'nova Val'Jaal'Darya to Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress, complimenting the Great Turtle.

"Worship the Turtle!" - LaBranche Vloz'ress, proclaiming his admiration for the Turtle.