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Denizens of Hel, Helians are the descendants of those who survived exposure to the powers emanating from the Abyss. Over time, they have adapted to the corruption and have developed into distinct races and groups, each with their own culture. While not unified by race or creed, all stand against the constant threat from the angels above - an unending war which has become an accepted part of life.


Culture and Politics


Major Settlements



Portrait Bale.png
Bale is an ascended Capri and central protagonist of Hel.
Portrait Yaro.png
Yaro is an ascended Capri and a former adventuring companion of Bale.


Portrait Yen the Duelist.png
Yen was a Cetian hunter and duelist.


Portrait Momo.png
Momo is an especially curious Mothkin residing in the 4th Circle.
Portrait Sephie.png
Sephie is a Mothkin and Handlers Guild bounty hunter currently pursuing Nine and Bale.
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Portrait Selmorak.png
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