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Hile'wen Val'Beldrobbaen

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Appeared in chapters                 16                                48           

An elder daughter of Waes'soloth and a Beldrobbaen commander.

Appearance & Personality

Hile'wen is a tall, dark woman with a stern temperament, and one who appears to follow by a strict code of law. She is a creature of combat expertise, as the head of the Val'Beldrobbaen's forces. Hile'wen is almost always seen wearing her thick, black plate armor, and is always wearing her dark grey hair in two loose buns.

she has a particular dislike of the Val'Jaal'darya and their monstrous experiments, as do many other of the clan.

Biography - Arc I

During the Council meeting, Hile'wen sits beside her mother as secondary support. Both she and Waes'soloth agree that the Moon's End festival must continue at all cost, for the sake of the people. Hile'wen laments the gradual loss of citizens in their home territory. She is in agreement with the lower Council's request to the Great Clans to curb street violence; she understands the fear and frustration of the common people who suffer from clan violence every day[1].

Biography - Arc II

Hile'wen expressing her distaste in Jaal'darya affairs.

Main article: The Flower Plague

Upon Waes'soloth's emergence from her quarters after Kharla'ggen Vel'Vloz'ress's puppet strings captured the city, Hile'wen is the first to bring the matriarch up to speed[2]. She explains the upheaval of the clans during this three-day blackout, and recounts the Beldrobbaen's personal account of losses suffered from citizens falling to their deaths. She is assured by her mother's determination to preserve the Beldrobaen heritage at all costs.

Hile'wen offers to escort Naubol'oth through the fortress, but notices the strange appearance of Nin'diil. She suspects thaet the recent upheaval had thrown Nin'diil and many others off course[3]. In a split second, Nin'diil reappears with a blunted ceremonial sword, shattering the Illhar'essa's arm--an act that leaves Hile'wen baffled. After Verthandi explains the madness spreading throughout the clan, Hile'wen comes to her defense when clan soldiers begin to harass her.

By Waes' order, Jaal'darya healers enter the fortress to treat those infected with Femi Val'Jaal'darya's spore poison. Hile'wen is there to escort them, not bothering to hide her extreme dislike of the Jaals[4]

Notable Quotes

"We will prove them wrong" - affirming Waes'soloth's declaration of steadfastness.