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Jak'iaah Niz'zre Sarghress

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A veteran Brawlers squad leader and mate of Kev'ren.

Appearance and Personality

Jak'iaah is a hardened career soldier with a stoic disposition and a professional attitude. For practical reasons she keeps her hair cut short and slicked back from her face, and she has red streaks dyed at her temples. Her eyes are orange, and the end of her left ear has been severed.

Jak'iaah is practical, resourceful, and adaptable. She finds non-conventional uses for the resources at her disposal, including the environment itself through clever use of earth sorcery.

Biography - Arc II

Jak'iaah is the commander of the Brawlers, a squad of Val'Sarghress troops that specialize in melee combat. Due to her combat experience, she was assigned new recruits Zair'cysparvin, Mek'kel, and Sen'gil to fill her squad - a trio of male recruits with bubbly personalities and softer affectations.

Breaching the Fort

Jak'iaah and her squad encounter a surprise during the District War.

The Brawlers' mission during the Val'Sarghress push towards the slaver district was to breach a Vel'Sharen fortress and create an opening for the rest of the legions. In the course of leading her men around a number of Black Sun traps, Jak used her earth sorcery to create a path through a wall. However, a surprised Black Sun, K'sava, was waiting on the other side. Jak'iaah quickly resealed the wall and assessed the team's options.

Rather than retreat, she had her troops charge up the earth foci in their gauntlets and lead them on a push straight at the wall. They created a spike barrage as they burst through, putting K'sava off guard and allowing them to surround and capture her. They took the fortress and the rest of the legions filled in behind them.

Later, when the building's owner was found, a Home Guard grunt, Sorin, slit the woman's throat before before any other decisions could be made. Jak'iaah firmly disarmed and reprimanded him for making a call that wasn't his. She promised to report him and threatened to kick his ass for his mistake.

Taking the Slaver District

When Ariel later launched her risky plan to get inside the Vel'Sharen slaver compound, Jak'iaah was one of the soldiers to be captured as a slave. Held in a crystal cell with no earth to manipulate, the group instead used Ariel's shapeshifting to escape. Jak'iaah helped lead the charge against the slaver guards, creating a distraction for Ariel to assassinate the district's overseer.

After the Sarghress claimed victory and reorganized their forces, Jak'iaah quickly returned to active duty with her only healthy squad member, Zair. She was assigned three more male rookies to fill her ranks, and at this point suspects that someone is playing a practical joke on her.

Assaulting the Council Dome

She was reassigned to help conquer the Council Dome with Zair and Durlyn in her squad. They encounter Vierynda’diira who joins their squad after telling them the rest of her squad is dead. Vierynda'diira shows them a nether gate that was carved into a poor child. She uses Earth arts to provide a shield for Vierynda’diira to close the gate. She and Zair managed to storm the Council Dome alongside other soldiers despite initially being fended of and Jak called out for Sarv'swati only to be met with no answer.

Sarghress Civil War

Jak'iaah was an observer at Quain'tana's sparring session with Quill'yate. She grew agitated when some of the Sarghress soldiers began to banter with the heir, telling them to stop pestering the val. Despite Ariel's attempts to tell her she didn't mind, Jak'iaah insisted that she was still a val, and they were supposed to be a military organization - its members should act like it.[1]

When a nearby Nori'fu house member began insulting Ariel and Quain'tana, Jak'iaah leapt to the heir's defense, asking Riviel if she wanted to be thrown into a pit. When Ariel agreed to spar with Riviel, Jak'iaah insisted that she didn't have to; Ariel felt differently, however, stating that they wouldn't stop challenging her until she made them. Jak's squad cheered loudly when Ariel defeated Riviel quickly, until Jak'iaah ordered them to return to their rooms.[2]

Days later, fter Sang was told of Quain'tana's imminent demise by the clan healers, the commander brought Ariel to one of the side towers for safekeeping. Kor'maril watched as his mother questioned the young heir about her intentions, and whether she planned to follow in her mother's footsteps or not. After Sang recounted her own experiences as a Sharen prisoner, Kor'maril told Ariel of Diva'ratrika's first attempt to assassinate Quain'tana.[3]

Jak'iaah is wise to the tricks of youngsters.

A short time later, a messenger came into the room, informing Sang of Quain'tana's failed healing session. The commander left Ariel in Kor'maril and Jak'iaah's care, ordering her to stay put. Kor'maril attempted to lighten the mood, commenting that there was still a chance for Quain to pull through. When Ariel decided to walk upstairs, Kor'maril and Jak'iaah followed, hoping to prevent her from doing something rash.

Their fears were realized when the heir suddenly asked Jak'iaah what she would do, were her mate Kev'ren in danger. Jak'iaah replied that she would find whoever was trying to threaten him, and hurt them. After thanking Kor'maril for saving her before, Ariel apologized to them, using her wind magic to blast her guards backwards and jumping out the window.[4]

Her status after the death of Quain'tana is unknown.

Notable Quotes

"You are still Val'Sarghress! And we should be a military organization! Act like it, boys!" - To Ariel and the Brawler Squad, while watching Quain'tana's spar with Quill'yate.[5]

"Why do I always end up with the kids..." - To Ariel and Kor'maril, after suspecting Ariel was about to make an escape attempt during the anti-val mutiny.

Character Concept