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Labran'che Vloz'ress

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Appeared in chapters                                             44   47            

A drowussu Scourge of Larvova with a split personality.

Appearance and Personality

Labran'che has messy blonde hair, a brown top and red pants. His mask has a grin reminiscent of a madman. He has split personality. With the mask off, he seems to be relatively normal. However, while wearing the mask, he becomes highly unstable.


Felde peace conference

While eating a snack, Labran'che was shock to see Kiel and her group arrive in Felde when Finol tells him and Larvova so. He wonders why Kiel is here to which Larvova agrees is an interesting question. When talking to his mask, Larvova warns him against wearing it. Once they realise Kharla is also there, he and Finol run for safety, leaving Larvova to calm an upset Kharla herself. They are later seen with Labran'che saying it was scary while Finol tells him to keep quite. After Ran'diirk's failed attempt to kill Snadhya'rune, he and Finol are with Larvova as Snadhya makes her speech. When Shodun gave the command, he kneeled.

Demon God Incident

Following the disruption of the peace conferencem, Labran'che escapes with the others on the turtle summon. During the return trip, Labran'che becomes somewhat obsessed with the powerful summon, revering it almost like a deity. He disembarks alongside Larvova and Lind'orm.

As the group reenter the Vloz district, they are rather surprised by the heavy Sarghress and Sharen presence, though Labran'che cannot help but taunt a passing Illhar'dro envoy. As evidence of Nyo'ka's dealings emerges, he expresses concern over the fate of the clan with Finol.

Later, his is among those overtaken during the Puppeteer Incident, and is used as part of a human shield to deny Kiel, Sara, and Baliir access to the fortress. However, he survives unharmed as the group use an alternate route to gain entrance.

Notable Quotes

"Holy turtle, it's Kiel! What's she doing here?"

Character Concept