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Lioshi Kyorl'solenurn

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Lioshi is the Vanir Judicator of the Order of Serenity, a surface-oriented Order based in a Kyorl'solenurn surface outpost.

Appearance and Personality

Lioshi is a Moons Age Vanir male that leads the Order of Serenity, and has severe mana deprivation due to his choice to live on the surface, at his advanced age. Majority of his white hair is gone due to the starvation of mana, and he is phsyically frail. Lioshi, unlike his vanir colleagues, does not wear colorful clothing nor Judicator armor, preferring a simple white floor-length robe. The vanir is most happy when youth show him that they have the will to keep Sharess' original legacy and steer the clan and the people beyond into a better future.


Judicator Lioshi, Chirinide and Shan'naal.

During Chirinide's pilgrimage to the Kyorl'solenurn temple outpost on the surface she requests to meet the Judicator in charge, and is shocked to see a light elf leading the Order. Lioshi only laughs and comments that it's natural and that all the Judicators are light elves.

Chirinide then moves to ask some questions that needed to be answered now that she discovered what Shimi'lande had warned her about earlier. She begins by asking Lioshi the most obvious one of why the leadership being light elves isn't known to the populace, and Lioshi answers with the reason being is that stability is needed to keep the lath and Ssu populations going. Letting the knowledge of light elves leading the Ssu people could stir old hatreds in the laths, and confuse the young Ssu people. Only a few know of this truth, as the responsibility of keeping this secret is a large burden to carry. All so that one day the drow races can be one in a better world than this.

Lioshi also explains that this is Sharess' will, as he has seen it written by her own hand. Chirinide counters by demanding a reason for the crusade and the purging of fellow drow when the goal is unity, and the old vanir replies that because younger drow are passionate, the Orders gain influence with their war against the tainted is an ongoing arms race, and eventually it will lead to destruction on both sides. The only one to stop this from happening is the current Ill'haress, Shimi'lande. The sad part is that many of the Judicators have forgotten Sharess' wish to protect, not purge, until the people can return to the surface--the desire to stop the spread of demons overtook this decree and has lead the clan to its current state.

Lioshi encourages Chirinide and Shan'naal to continue following the daughter of the Holy Eye--adding that the daughter is only a mortal, but the journey is of great importance for the young drowussu, now that Chirinide knows the truth of the clan.

Notable Quotes

"Thank you. Such words from the youth of our people revives my hopes for the future." -After encouraging Chirinide and Shan'naal to continue their journey