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Niende Sarghress

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Niende is an administrator for the Val'Sargress clan, overseeing the lands belonging to Ariel within the North Cliff district.

Appearance & Personality

Niende is a lean male drowolath with purple eyes. His hair is undyed and worn slicked back, though with an especially stubborn lock of hair refusing to lie flat. He is a helpful and intelligent administrator who is loyal to Ariel, the Val who owns the lands he manages. He appreciates and respects the input Ariel gives, and was distasteful of Syphile's neglect when she was in charge. He wears glasses and a tan overcoat.

Niende and Ariel meet for the first time after Quain'tana proclaims her the Sarghress heir, finding her a refreshing change from Syphile.

Biography - Arc I

Niende was the manager of Syphile's lands when she was a Val of Sarghress. Syphile never paid any attention to Niende or the work he did on her behalf, and could not even remember Niende's name when asked. He was happy to work with Ariel when she was given Syphile's territories particularly once she expressed an interest in learning about the details of the lands she was receiving. Ariel took ownership at a young age, so Niende promised to gladly teach Ariel anything she wanted to know about district management.[1]

Biography - Arc II

Ariel continues to rely on Niende for advice in regards to ruling her district.

Ariel's lands include the North Cliff district, where she came to patrol as an adult. He oversaw Ariel's settling of a landowner's dispute.

Though just an administrator, Niende shows a willingness to answer the call to arms with his magic.

Niende was also present in the district when the Vloz'ress attacked. The squad became separated when the Vloz's demons began to attack the populace, with Ariel hurriedly handing her lance to Minalia while she chased one of the perpetrators. Niende re-acquired the weapon, and returned it when he and Kau managed to rejoin Ariel. At her order, he retreated to the district office where he helped sound the alert as a call to arms for the civilian population.

Niende uncovers a painting of the original North Cliff defenders from the Nidraa'chal War.

Once the confrontation was concluded and the squad returned to recover at the District Office, Niende set about re-organizing the office's records after a period of neglect. During his efforts, he stumbled upon a large painting, which depicted the "Defenders of North Cliff" during the Nidraa'chal War - three of the same group being the ones who had just attacked North Cliff, ironically.[2]

Towards the end of the District War, after Quain'tana's forces took First Landing, Niende was shown to have taken an advisory position to the Ill'haress herself, bringing reports from their suppliers.[3]

Notable Quotes

"What is my name, Lady Syphile? ... I am not a slave, not a thing. I am the Sarghress who took care of the land under your responsibility, until now. You never paid attention to it, Syphile. I am not surprised it was taken away." - To Syphile, after she insisted that he belonged to her.[4]

"The people have their own businesses and homes but they are under our protection, and thus must provide goods to the clan upon request. Taxes are applied on trades. This goes to fund the clan, mostly, but you get a part of it as manager of the land. This is what pays for your food, clothes, weapons, guards, and so on. The clan needs lands and people to increase its strength." - To Ariel, explaining the privileges and duties of land ownership.[5]