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Nyo'ka Vloz'ress

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Nyo'ka is a prominent nether summoner of the Vel'Vloz'ress clan. She has two children, both of which she sent away to the Val'Illhar'dro clan for schooling.

Appearance and Personality

Nyo'ka has a surprisingly friendly and calm demeanor for a Vloz'ress. She cares for her children's future and safety, and while she is competing for a higher rank in the clan she knows she will not get there by making only enemies. She is fair but firm in her leadership of her gang.

Her mask is black with thin gold lines running through the eyes down to the mouth. It has an open mouth with a wide grin and slanted eye openings outlined in gold. She has pure white hair with tainted red eyes, and a small vertical scar on the left side of her mouth.

Biography - Arc I

Nyo'ka is a nether summoner for the Vel'Vloz'ress. She knows Kiel'ndia on personal, and greeted her warmly when Kiel and her friend Naal'suul Val'Beldrobbaen were touring the Vel'Vloz'ress fortress. Kiel and Naal watched the end of a fight between a pair of commoners for a chance to become one of Nyo'ka's scourges. The winner was accepted by Nyo'ka, and she released an enormous snake on the loser so that he may become one of the clan's many mindless nagas. She chatted briefly with Kiel'ndia about her children, who were both studying at the Orthorbbae. Nyo'ka remarked that she was considering sending them to Nuqrah'shareh to receive a better education in the arts. She waved goodbye to Kiel and her friends as one of her scourges made an insulting remark about Kiel. She reminded him to be careful, and returned to her business.

Kiel'ndia's Coup

Nyo'ka was one of the summoners that stood as witness to Kiel'ndia's power play. She congratulated Kiel firmly on her win, and added that she appreciated the use of Ven'ndia's golem.

Later, two of Nyo'ka's scourges attempted to assassinate Kiel'ndia in her chambers. They poisoned her cake, and they stood over her gloating while she helplessly writhed on the floor. When Kharla'ggen returned with help and Kiel made a full recovery, she remembered the scourges she had seen and recognized them as Nyo'ka's men. She took her golem and naga entourage to kill Nyo'ka, but instead found the surprised woman meditating and claiming she was unaware of what was going on. She pleaded with Kiel'ndia to talk this through and protectively tried to usher her children to safety. Kiel'ndia saw reason and chose to talk things through with Nyo'ka.

Nyo'ka claimed that her scourges were acting alone and that she would handle it personally. One of the scourges ratted the other one out, and Nyo'ka killed him for his foolish actions. Nyo'ka did not know whether or not to believe the other, and chose to let her live so long as she kept away from Kiel'ndia's sight.

As matters worsened in Chel, she decided that Nuqrah'shareh would be safer for her kids. She sent them away to finish their schooling there.