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Oiloss'lin Xyrrai'zestu Sharen

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Oiloss'lin is a caring mother and Dev'ess of the Xyrrai'zetsu house.

Appearance and Personality

Oiloss'lin is a tall and imposing figure, strongly built and with scars over her left eye; a wound received from her own possessed mount during the Nidraa'chal War. She wears ties her long white hair into a ponytail and wears a sash embroidered with the symbol of her house. She has a calm and maternal personality, and is a deeply loyal Sharen. Notably, she maintained a strong relationship with her protector twin and was devastated by her death in battle.

Biography - Background

Forced to slay her own mount in battle against the Nidraa'chal.

During the Nidra'chaal War, Oiloss'lin lead the Xyrrai'zestu house into battle against the Nidraa'chal. Though initially giving chase to the Nidraa'chal summoners, her force was gradually worn down as many were tainted or possessed. Oiloss'lin herself was not only tainted, but forced to slay her own dragon, Malorion. With her army broken and faltering, they were forced to fall back. Her hope that the Kyorl'solenurn forces joining the war would lend aid to her forces and the Dutan'vir was shattered the next day, as the Kyorl'solenurn's doctrine of purging all tainted rapidly became clear.

Biography - Arc II

31 years later, Oiloss'lin and her family were assigned to defend the Sharen-held districts at Darya Lake. She joined nether summoners in releasing demons into the area to slow down the Sarghress advance, but eventually was forced to retreat with her wounded daughter Kery'awa. She leaves Kery'awa in the care of Feli'cia's empath attendants and captures surviving Sarghress troops when their base collapsed from an explosion. Once again she and remaining Sharen troops were forced to retreat when the Sarghress took the Slaver's District--Oiloss'lin took command of the remaining forces and lead the retreat. Later, she found a plush of a dragon in a ruined store and gave it to her daughter, who had sorely missed her slain dragon mount.

Biography - Arc III

Three years after the conclusion of The District War, Oiloss'lin lead a caravan of Alliance clans through the Nidavellir, not far from Felde, when Kavahini warriors raided the group[1]. Some of the alliance delegates were slain, but Oiloss'lin and Raai'chinno stopped Koubagia from kidnapping Suna. Confronting the downed Kavahini, the matriarch aimed a downward chop meant to kill Koubagia, despite the Mimian still holding the child hostage. Before she could finish off the other warrior, Oiloss'lin was barred by Al'tesh, who was concerned for her lack of care for Suna's safety[2].

Before they knew it, Koubagia had disappeared, and Chakri had attacked Oiloss'lin to buy her comrade some time. When the second owl retreated, at that time the Xyrrai'zestu matriarch released an explosion of demons from a summoning gem to counter the surge of Mimians attacking the party. Later, she asked Zuhur Vel'Sharen what had became of the wounded girl, but he lied about losing them in the landscape.

Notable Quotes

"... I have become tainted. So are most of us that survived so far. The hunt is over for us, we have to retreat and find refuge if Sharess allows. May the other bloodlines have more luck than we." -Describing the impact of the Nidraa'chal War on her and the forces under her command.

"'You use dirty tactics. That is the only reason why you people managed to get away with these murders for so long. If that's how you want it, allow me to show you truly dirt tactics.'" - Upon releasing demons to combat a Kavahini raiding party [3].

Character Concept