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Olarae'inilani Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                              45  47            

A retired Highland Raider who came out of retirement to rejoin the Sarghress ranks.

Appearance and Personality

Olarae has long pink hair and when out of battle, she wears blue clothes that shows her cleavage as well as a black cloak. She gets cuddly and touchy with people she knows and is also a serial nudist.


Morning after the fires

Olarae and Die'tra have a happy reunion when Olarae passes through Ys.

Olarae was with Syrak when she called out to Chiri and Shan asking where the Sarghress house is. After arriving at the Sarghress house, she enthusiastically greeted Die'tra and made small talk with Tur'geis. She later asks if she could rejoin the Highland Raiders to go after the airship to which Tur'geis exasperatedly says they are not going after the airship and they are staying in Ys until further orders. This surprises Olarae and Syrak and they ask Tur'geis if they heard the news.

Decisions made

During a meeting, Olarae expresses disappointment that they aren’t going to hunt the airship together but decides to go with Tur'geis if that means re-entering the Sarghress ranks.

Leaving Ys

She left Ys for Chel alongside Tur'geis, Zan'nah and Die'tra.

Demon God Incident

She is next seen in a Sarghress bar during the Sharen/Sarghress negotiations, swapping stories with those present. She affectionally called Ash'arion on his own exaggerations of the events in Ys.

Though one of the many overtaken during the Puppeteer Incident, she is left relatively unharmed when the control is broken, and is last seen leaving the bar to join other Sarghress forces in the counterattack.

Notable Quotes

"Aw, I was hoping we'd go on a hunt together. But I have to stick with the Raiders' order if I want to get back in the ranks."

Character Concept