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Slyand'iss Sullisin'rune

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Slyand'iss is a Sullisin'rune golem pilot and engineer. Currently, he fights among Ariel's faction of the Sarghress, though he previously served as a gatekeeper of the Sullisin'rune dome.

Appearance & Personality

Slyand'iss is a lean male drowolath with brown eyes. He wears his hair short and undyed. He typically dresses in whites and blues, as well as wearing glasses with a thick black frame. Hi is a relatively cheerful and optimistic individual, even to the point of being rash. He is also a perfectionist, which while serving him well in his never-ending task to repair damaged equipment, does place a heavy strain upon him that he often soothes with tea.

Biography - Arc II

The District War

When Ariel and her squad are on patrol in Sullisin'rune territory, they approach Slyand'iss with concerns about the lack of supplies for the Sarghress troops stationed nearby. He allows them entrance to the Dome in order to speak with an administrator.

The Demon God Incident

He later appears in a Sarghress bar outside the Vloz district, discussing experiences of the District War with fellow members of the Sarghress/Sullisin alliance. He is present during the Puppeteer Incident and helps repel the Demon God summoned forth by Ni'bai.

After the District War

Slyand'iss is one of the Suls who attempted and failed to soothe Quain'tana Val'Sarghress's pain as Khaless (under the guise of a Sul healer) works on the illhar'ess' damaged face.

Biography - Arc III

In the year 1117 MA, Slyand'iss has joined the Sarghress defense of Machike'Shikumo against the Hermionne siege. With Kau Val'Sharen, he donned a golem suit in an effort to stave off a calvary force in the colony[1]. The beastmen outsmarted the golem engineers, pulling all three down with a heavy chain and killing one. Both Slyand'iss and Kau are saved by Ariel and a group of Sarghress warriors who charged into the cavalry's flank.

Notable Quotes

"I stood at the gate when the refugees rioted before the dome. They were hundreds before the few of us. Somehow they got the idea that our home was full of supplies and they only had to get past us. It was bloody madness. Those of us on the ground got torn apart."[2] - Recalling his grim experiences during the District War.

Character Concept