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Wa'sila Sarghress

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Wa'sila is a Xuile'solen colonist and a former Sarghress legionnaire.

Appearance & Personality

Wa'sila is a female Xuile'solen. She wears her white hair long, with a frontal decorative braid. Despite her condition, she is quite cheerful and harbors a love of ferals. Prejudice against her race has worn on her to some degree, however, and was the direct cause of her leaving the legion. She wears simple grey and black clothing.

Biography - Arc III

Wa'sila is among the colonist defenders pushing back the Hermionne army, when Machike is besieged[1]. Along with Nergui, the pair hold off Hermionne attackers as Chigusa Vel'Sharen's dragon pushes the massive enemy-held cannon away from goblin hands.

Wa'sila engages Ceshmara and her sister aboard the Nidraa'chal airship.

Later, after the airship ambushes the colony of Machike and forces its inhabitants underground, Wa'sila was among the defenders remaining. When the defenders regrouped and pushed further into the underground to draw the airship away from the Machike civilians, they soon came across the research outpost of Sha'shi. After finding refuge at the outpost, the defenders and engineers joined forces and formulated a plan to take control of the airship, which had docked as they searched for the colonists.

Wa'sila joined the assault on the airship, with Ner'gui guiding her up the gangplank and onto the deck in time to join the fight. During the battle, she engaged Ceshmera Vel'Sharen, though their fight was brought to a halt once Bae'rali Val'Sullisin'rune entered the battle and used her empathy skills to freeze all combatants in their tracks.[2] Faen Val'Sullisin'rune intervened, using her own empathy as a counter, and released the rest of the combatants from Bae's powers and allowing them to return to the fight.

Notable Quotes

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Character Concept