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Daksha'yani Vel'Sharen

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Appeared in chapters                                          41                  

Daksha'yani is an Imperial Overseer stationed in the Beldrobbaen fortress, guarding the false Empress.

Appearance & Personality

Daksha'yani wears a white veil covering half of her face and her shoulder armor bears one of the Vel'Sharen symbols representing the nine great clans--8 dots encircling a 9th. She carries a crossbow for a weapon. Like all Vel'Sharen, Daksha'yani is a ver'drowendar and she shows her bloodline by bearing long hair dyed a deep purple.

Biography - Arc II

Daksha'yani and other Imperials are assigned to the false Empress residing within the Val'Beldrobbaen's guest tower, but they fail to prevent Kiel'ndia from assassinating the fake. During the chase to capture the Vloz'ress, Daksha'yani waits for Kiel with a crossbow in hand, but is knocked unconscious by Vicyl.