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Sker'ligr Val'Dutan'vir

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Sker'ligr is a Val'Dutan'vir warrior serving within the Mae'yukir subhouse of the Sarghress clan. He is collaborating with Mikilu'ligr and Minka to re-establish the Val'Dutan'vir clan.

Appearance and Personality

Sker'ligr is a noble Dutan'vir with bronze eyes and strong features. His green hair is parted into the three thick braids hanging down his back. His bangs fade to pale green at the ends. He is devoted to re-establishing the Val'Dutan'vir clan and strongly believes in their code of honour and loyalty. He is friendly yet professional, and he usually wears a broad smile wherever he goes.

On the field of battle, Sker is a capable warrior. In addition to the twin swords he carries, he has a pair of golem arms mounted on his back that wield two large shields to protect his head and back.

Biography - Background

Main article: The Vel'Sharen Coup d'État

Roughly 15 years prior to the start of the main story, Sker'ligr served as Imperial Guard of the Val'Dutan'vir clan. Alongside the Captain of the Guard, Mikilu, he was present when Diva'ratrika commanded the Imperial Guard to lead an inquisition of the tainted in response to Nidraa'chal activity. This edict precipitated the disastrous Nidraa'chal War. Participating in the heavy fighting around the besieged Val'Sharen districts, he was drawn away from the Val'Sharess tower as the traitorous sisters enacted their coup against the Empress.

Responding to reports of Sil'lice assaulting her own kin at the tower, Sker'ligr returned with Mikilu and Overseer Nir'naya. There, they found the tower in ruins and filled with bloody carnage of the Sharen that had remained behind. The trio encountered Sil'lice and Nishi'kanta among the chaos, as the latter lay at the former's feet. Striding forward, Nir'naya accused Sil'lice of being responsible, enraging Sil'lice and causing her to threaten to reach the Queen over their frozen corpses. He briefly restrained Sil'lice at the command of Nir'naya, requesting the middle daughter to cease her struggled. As Sil'lice protested that Sharen had been betrayed from within, Nir'naya ordered Sker to choke her into unconsciousness. However, Sker hesitated when Sil'lice asked him if he served the tainted or the Val'Sharess, ultimately placing his trust into Sil'lice. Releasing her, he told Nir'naya his priority was to find Diva'ratrika. As Nir'naya entered into a battle with Sil'lice, Nishi'kanta warned Sker that if he hoped to survive he should follow her. He did, and both escaped into exile among the Val'Sarghress clan.

Sker'ligr as a member of the Mae'yukir House.[2]

Sker'ligr Mae'yukir Sarghress

With the Mae'yukir clan, Sker worked with other Val'Dutan'vir refugees to unite under the Sarghress banner. After the Black Dragon takeover, Sker discovered that Minka Sann'ligr Val'Dutan'vir had been enslaved there ever since the war. Now in charge of the place, Minka met with Sker to discuss the fate of their clan and other remaining Dutan'vir survivors.

Sker was present when Vy'chriel Vel'Sharen opened a nether gate in the Val'Sarghress fortress. He and Itan'sha Mae'yukir Sarghress found Tir'ade Val'Kyorl'solenurn holding the gate shut by himself, and they relieved him of duty. Sker warmly invited Tir'ade to join the Mae'yukir and soothed the poor templar's concerns about his tainted eyes.

Much later, Sker'ligr became aware of Mikilu's survival. He, Minka, and Mikilu met atop the ruins of the old Dutan'vir fortress to discuss the future. Sker suggested that he probe the Val'Sarghress to clear out the looters and squatters while Minka assembled a slave army from his gladiators at the arena. Together the three exiles promised to start a new life for the Val'Dutan'vir.

Biography - Arc II

Retaking the Dutanvir Fortress

Sker and Minka reunited again during the District War, having accumulated enough followers to retake the former Dutan'vir lands.[3] They were initially successful, and in the process took several hostages from the Val'Kyorl'solenurn clan who had been occupying the territory. At the same time, a schism began to form within the Kyorls as anyone thought to have Dutanvir blood was immediately sought out and imprisoned.

Sker'ligr and several of the renegade Dutan'vir were unable to get out of the Dutan'vir Fortress before it was collapsed.

After Valla'drielle took office as the New Holy Mother, the Val'Kyorl'solenurn were mobilized to retake the old Dutan'vir lands again, as well as to rescue the Kyorl hostages. Sker, hoping to buy some time for the clan, led a "suicidal charge" out onto the newly rebuilt bridge leading to the fortress. The gate was opened, and a large, stag-shaped golem charged into battle. As the golem distracted the Kyorl templars, Sker and several others moved out and shattered the bridge using earth foci, dropping the templars and golem into the cavern below.[4]

The minor victory was short lived, however, as the Val'Kyorl'solenurn sent a team of earth specialists to climb into the suspended tower from the cavern ceiling. Sker helped fight off the infiltrators, following them deeper into the fortress.[5] After getting a strange warning from one of the Kyorls, Minka located Sker, hoping to get his input on what the warning meant. To their horror, the tower that Sker had chased the infiltrators to began to crumble as the Kyorl earth specialists began to sever the fortress from the ceiling, dropping it on the civilian population below them in the process. One of the towers was finally crumbled, causing Sker and several of the other renegades to fall to their deaths.[6]

Notable Quotes

"We three are proof that the Dutan'vir clan is not dead" - new beginnings with Minka and Mikilu [7]