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Laele'aell Val'Sarghress

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Laele'aell was once Quain'tana's ideal heir to the Val'Sarghress clan. She lost her mind to a demon, was converted to a flesh golem and is now a husk of her former self. She is still an adept killing machine, and is employed by the Fallen Legion when it is practical to do so.<ref>Chapter 50, page 216</ref>

Appearance and Personality

Before her fall, Laele shared the same ideals and philosophies as her mother, Quain'tana. She is described as having been driven, intelligent, and a worthy opponent in battle. In her current state however, she has lost her personality entirely. She can follow simple orders, but she is likely to fly into a bloodthirsty frenzy in which she swiftly slaughters any and all who get in her way. She can be calmed and focused by a musician when she enters this state of mind.

Laele is tall with long white hair that is pulled back in a braid. Her eyes are completely blank. She still wears the uniform of the Fallen Legion.

Biography - Arc I

Quain'tana mourns Laele's fall.[1]

Heir to the Clan

Laele'aelle was born to Quain'tana Val'Sarghress early in the clan's history. She grew up in her mother's footsteps, and she soon became the pride of the clan. She quickly rose through the ranks of the Sarghress military until she came to lead her own honor guard. She was the perfect heir to the Val'Sarghress clan, and nobody doubted who would rule the clan if Quain'tana should fall.

Laele's Fall

Unfortunately, Laele'aell's overwhelming successes did not last. She had an incident in which a demon destroyed her mind, leaving her an empty husk of what she used to be. She still seemed to have some capacity for following simple commands, but her now animalistic intelligence was clearly unfit to lead any troops at all, let alone the entire clan.

The Val'Sarghress clan mourned Laele's fall heavily. Quain'tana was devastated by the loss of her daughter and was forced to explore new avenues for a suitable heir to lead the clan.

The legion Laele had commanded changed their title to the Fallen Legion in respect to their beloved commander's plight. Mablevi took over control, and Laele was kept for whatever purposes she could hope to serve.

The Black Dragon

In her current state, Laele can consume freed demons.[2]
Main article: The Black Dragon Takeover

Years later, Quain'tana had found herself a promising new heir, Ariel Val'Sarghress. While exploring the city and accepting an invitation to see an arena match at the Black Dragon tavern, Laele'aell was ordered to follow Ariel and protect her from afar. She remained hidden until Ariel hastily sparked a fight between the guards of the establishment and the Fallen Legionnaires protecting her.

Laele acted swiftly, indiscriminately murdering anyone that stood between her and the Black Dragon's owner, Lady Irena. When a nether summoner tried to use demons to defend herself, Laele'aell consumed the freed nether beings just as quickly as she'd slayed all the corporeal guards and gladiators.

She was later calmed by a musician who had come along for this purpose. One of Ariel's guards, Jiv'kyn, requested that Laele not protect the young heir anymore due to the obvious dangers involved. Mablevi agreed, and Laele's whereabouts since then are unknown.

Biography - Arc II

Laele escapes captivity while under watch of her caretakers Sakrag Sarghress and Rayata Sarghress[3], her seals that keep the flesh golem in place worn down and broken. Laele is able to hunt down the roaming horror Khaless, and seal the ethereal demon's entire essence.[4] However, this causes Laele to overload and allow the demons inside her body to finally take over, becoming a demon herself. The body is finally slain by Gaes'riganis Am'saag Sarghress--who had been aiming to kill the remaining Vals of Sarghress--with a fatal blow to the skull.[5]

Biography - Arc III

Now a free floating nether demon, the essence of Laele and Khaless found habitation inside Orthorbbae with Kiel, and found a love of playing children's games.

Notable Quotes

"I don't know what is going on in Laele's head. Nobody does. But I don't think it's safe to keep using her. If she gets out of control again, she might put their heir in danger."[6] - Jiv'kyn's blunt assessment of Laele'aell.

Character Concept