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Octarya Val'Sarghress

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Octarya is a drowolath baby and Mel'arnach's youngest child and daughter.

Appearance & Personality

Octarya is a young baby drowolath with purple eyes. She is in all respects a normal baby, and has not yet developed a distinct personality.

Biography - Arc II


She first appeared shortly after she was born, under the care of Xy'tin. The naga nursemaid asked Mel'arnach if she wished to hold hew newborn child. Keenly aware the child would be taken away like the others and not wanting to repeat her earlier mistake of growing attached to the child, Mel'arnach refused to hold her or even grant her a name. Mel'arnach then left the child for good, though asking Xy'tin to take good care of her.

Family Reunion

She next appeared as Ariel and Faen went to meet Ariel's younger siblings. Alongside Vene and Pup, the as-yet-unnamed Octarya was under the protection of an exhausted Jiv'kyn. While Faen greeted Vene and Pup, Ariel picked up her baby sister. However, the baby soon relieved itself and began to cry. Ariel, completely at a loss of what to do, began trying to call out for Faen to take her. However, it was Quain'tana who appeared to accept the child. After investigating the ruckus, Quain'tana handed her granddaughter to Faen to be changed and departed. After she left, Ariel and Faen fawned over the child, asking the two brothers what she was was named. Pup christened her "Poopy Baby"[1], while Vene explained that she, like Pup, did not yet have an actual name.

Sarghress Civil War

Rayata and Sakrag assist Faen and the children.

Vene, Pup and their baby sister fell victim to the schism which split the Val'Sarghress clan. After failing to dampen Quain'tana's pain during her healing session, Faen left the healing chamber to find comfort with the children. Upon arrival at the children's quarters, however, she found a Sarghress Assault trooper holding Vene, whose throat he had just cut. The sight shocked Faen, who reacted with her empathic abilities, summoning Jiv'kyn for assistance as she moved to defend the remaining children. Vene did not survive his wounds; his body was left behind as Faen escaped with Pup and the unnamed baby sister. Quain'tana attempted to defend Faen and the children from the rest of the Sarghress troops, who attempted to subdue the Ill'haress by force. As she attempted one last charge at Suu'be, Rayata and Sakrag Sarghress took advantage of the rest of the clan's focus on the battling leadership to smuggle Faen and the children away from the confrontation.

Pup rode Rayata's wolf, accompanying Ariel and her escort contingent to Machike, where they would wait for the fervor of the clan politics to die down. As they arrived, Pup noticed the falling snow with wonder, speaking for the first time since witnessing his brother's murder and asking what the snow was.

Finding a Name

Octobear meets a locust fae for the first time.

In the days following their arrival at Machike, Faen and the baby managed to catch Ariel and Pup in the act of therapeutic screaming into the valley - the act of which startled a young Emberi boy, who Ariel mistook for Vaelia. Pup accompanied his guardians as they followed the Emberi boy's tracks, hoping to return his catch to him. They were greeted by Vaelia, who had a warm reunion with Ariel. When introduced to her family as Pup and Octobear, Vaelia expressed surprise, asking why the two children didn't have proper names yet. As Ariel and Faen attempted to choose a name, Octobear became fascinated with the small "locust" fae who had settled into Vaelia's kitchen. The group discussed several potential names, with each being declined for various reasons. Finally, Vaelia suggested the name "Octarya" as a spin on Ariel's name and her current nickname, which was eagerly accepted by the others.

Biography - Arc III

The Hermionne Invasion

Octarya and Pelan remained under the guardianship of Ariel and Faen, growing up under their care in Machike. They stayed behind in the colony's fortress, as they were too young to participate in the fighting.

The Bombardment of Machike

After the invaders had been defeated, Octarya and Pelan were seen running through the halls of the fortress, eagerly chasing what they thought was a "mist whale". The unidentified figure ended up being not a whale but an airship - the same airship that Ariel and her companions had chased to Felde.

The airship docked at Machike, and Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro came ashore in order to negotiate with the Machike residents. When her attempt to sway the colonists failed, the airship was forced to leave by the Machike defenders, who aimed their artillery cannons at the aircraft. Making as if to leave, the Nidraa'chal airship flew into the mists long enough to turn around. As they did so, they unleashed a volley of mana cannon-fire upon the colony, decimating its defenses and forcing the residents to flee.

The children narrowly escape the collapsing Machike Fortress due to the combined efforts of Thera and Ischa.

Octarya and Pelan were caught amidst the collapsing hallways in the fortress and were about to fall to their deaths, but were saved in the nick of time by the combined efforts of Ischa and Thera, who took them to safety until they could be reunited with their caretakers.

Escaping To The Underworld

Realizing that the airship was likely to return, the colonists and defenders retreated deeper into Machike'shikumo, returning to the underworld. There, they took shelter in Fustin'darun after setting traps in their wake. Their rest was short-lived, however, as the airship showed up in the underground, this time dropping a massive bombardment of giant boulders and stones onto the city below.

Octarya and Pelan took shelter with Faen and Ariel again, and their guardians quickly realized that the airship would continue to attack unless someone drew their fire. After eaving the children with some of the remaining defenders, Ariel and Faen took a contingent of the remaining defenders and led the airship away from the civilian population.

The Sarghress Take To The Skies

Octarya kept a careful watch, waiting for Faen and Ariel to return to them. She was one of the first to spot the return of the airship, crying out in alarm that the "bad whale" had come back. The remaining soldiers and Emberi defenders rallied, only to realize that the ship was now flying under the Sarghress banner.

Pelan and Octarya are soon reunited with Ariel and Faen after they return with the captured airship.

The small family was whole once more, with Octarya and Pelan happily reuniting with Ariel and Faen.[2]

Notable Quotes

"Puh."[3] - Babytalking at Ariel.

"The bad whale is back!"[4] - Upon spotting the airship returning to Machike.

Character Concept