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Lythn Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                           42                 

Lythn is a former Dutan'vir, now a warden of the Kyorl'solenurn.

Appearance and Personality

Lythn wears a chest plate over brown clothes a red scarf around her neck with shoulder lenght black hair. She is a hedonist when off duty and can be quite exasperating, persistant and undounted. When in an argument, she will not stop.


She is seen with Eclacdiira'olin and Kale'shido talking about the Sarghress attack on Kyorl'solenurn territory. She and Kale'shido answer Chirinide's inquiries about the attack where Eclavdiira'olin didn't. She is next seen at the announcement of Shimi'lande's death. After that, she was tossed into a cell with Woas'ned, Mal and Thral'lin to be purged on Judicator Kyuusei's orders but Belph'aegor frees them.

Notable Quotes

"The thought crossed my mind, too. After all, if there's enough of us to take back the ancestral home..." Lythn thinking about rejoining the Dutan'vir.

Character Concept