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Nishi'kanta Vel'Sharen

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Nishi'kanta is the fourth daughter of Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen. Secluding herself after the Nidraa'chal War, she has recently emerged from hiding to aid Sil'lice and Chrys'tel.

Appearance and Personality

Nishi'kanta is calculating, calm, and cold--perfect traits for a master engineer like herself, whose hobby was once to build unique golem units. This personality trait reflects in her own power: it’s cold, easily controlled and often kept out of sight.[2]

Nishi'kanta was principled enough to refuse the taint before the Nidraa'chal War, entering the battle of her own volition.[3] Her sisters Snadhya'rune, Zala'ess, and Sarv'swati eventually overcame her, and she was forcibly seeded by their hand. Since then, she has shown a melancholy attitude with little hope for the future. As a result of her experiences, Nishi'kanta has become increasingly pragmatic, willing to sacrifice her personal honor to save as many loyal Val'Sharen as she can. The Fourth Daughter does not have the burning desire for revenge her elder sister possesses, but she does what she can for others' sake, as do those of her line who have scattered to the four corners of Chel'el'Sussoloth.

Her looks also reflect her general demeanor: prior to the Nidraa'chal War, she had long blonde hair streaked with bright orange, and was often seen with a fiery hooded orange robe with gold accents, and her eyes were orange before she was tainted. Now, Nishi'kanta is nothing but a destitute, penniless wanderer, with her yellow dyes washed away and her bright colors hidden to where they wouldn't attract unwanted attention. She and her line are known for their powerful fire sorcery affinities.

Biography - Background

The Nidraa'chal War

Main article: The Vel'Sharen Coup d'État
File:Nishi'kanta Army.jpeg
Nishi'kanta leads her sons and daughters during the Nidraa'chal war. [4]

Nishi'kanta first appears during the events of the Nidraa'chal War, roughly 15 years before the start of the main story. Alongside her sisters Sil'lice and Zala'ess, she lead her line's army into battle against the Nidraa'chal menace. The three sisters' armies parted paths to meet again at a designated point, but neither Nishi'kanta nor Zala'ess' troops arrived.

During this time, Nishi'kanta was forcibly tainted by Zala'ess, Snadhya'rune, and Sarv'swati, who had orchestrated a covert coup of the Vel'Sharen clan. Nishi'kanta surrendered in defeat, hoping to save the lives of her remaining family. The traitorous sisters convinced her to do her best to persuade Sil'lice to surrender as well while they took care of Diva'ratrika herself.

When Sil'lice arrived back at the tower to find it in ruin, she encountered Nishi'kanta among the wreckage. Nishi'kanta calmly explained what had happened and pleaded with Sil'lice to stand down so that they may live to influence whatever world their sisters hoped to create[5]. Sil'lice refused to submit and was instead driven into exile with what remained of her line. Snadhya, Zala'ess, and Sarv'swati blamed the state of the tower on Sil'lice, claiming she had attempted to assassinate the Empress. With none left to challenge their claim, they falsely informed the public that Diva'ratrika was still alive, but had chosen to seclude herself in the wake of the attack. Nishi'kanta was not without anger towards the acts her sisters committed.[6]

The Fall of the Val'Dutan'vir

Shortly following the end of the war, Nishi'kanta's traitorous sisters started to destabilize what remained of the Val'Dutan'vir clan. Nishi'kanta alone knew what was happening and reached out to Mikilu'ligr Val'Dutan'vir, the Captain of the Imperial Guard. She informed the distraught Oversee that the Vel'Sharen sisters were sure to kill her one way or another, and that she should flee into exile as Sker'ligr did. Mikilu obliged, and she disappeared from Chel'el'Sussoloth's public eye.[7]

With most of her line wiped out or tainted under the thumb of the new Vel'Sharen regime, Nishi'kanti faded into the background herself. Her sisters claimed that she had become a hermit, refusing to speak to anyone at all.

Biography - Arc II

Journey to Mimaneid

Main article: The District War
Nishi'kanta sent 18 of her line, and only two survived.

A few days after Zala'ess Vel'Sharen and her line left for Nuqrah'shareh to aid in the civil war, Nishi'kanta reportedly ran away. Nobody knew where she has gone[8]. However, she reappeared at Sil'lice's side, around the time First Landing was assaulted by Quain'tana's forces. They were waiting on Mimaneid's outskirts for the survivors of the renegade Vel'Sharen who were to sabotage First Landing's defenses. Nishi'kanta is anxious and worried for what could happen next with being declared a traitor by her own family, but Sil'lice reminds her sister that Nishi'kanta is at fault for what befell her. However, Sil'lice acknowledges that she meant to protect what remained of her family from further destruction.

When only her daughters Chess'riia and Chigusa appeared from a tunnel, they told the story of the massive loss of Nishi'kanta's people who died trying to escape the Sarghress after removing golem cores from First Landing's defenses, and more died trying to cut through roaming Black Sun groups who did not believe their story.[9] Nishi'kanta is devastated with news of more lives lost within her family, but Sil'lice explains that the end result meant that they now had access to Chel for their next set of plans.

Audience with Kavahini

When they reach Mimaneid, they are greeted with aggression by members of the owl clan, Kavahini, and Sil'lice warns the group not to show aggression nor weakness, due to Mimians having the tendency to solve problems by dueling. Despite their best efforts, Nishi'kanta's children are promptly challenged. Meanwhile, Nishi'kanta and Sil'lice discuss a course of action with Mikilu'ligr Val'Dutan'vir and Illhar Ulvakhi Kavahini[10], where the Illhar is impressed with Sil'lice and Nishi'kanta being able to speak the Mimian language. While Sillice wants to press on into Chel as soon as possible, Mikilu wishes to strike at Snadhya'rune in Felde. Nishi'kanta despises hearing about Snadhya'rune's well-known party constantly, but the Kavahini matriarch ensures that her warriors are swift and would succeed in taking out their sister's powerbase.[11] Nishi'kanta and Sil'lice head for the branches of the Mimian World Tree where Mikilu and Kavahini forces were launching with gliders.

The Search for the Cure

Main article: The Flower Plague
Serving as a distraction, Nishi'kanta takes on Bae'rali's empathic attack.[12]

Nishi'kanta returned to the Sarghress fortress with her elder sister, bearing the bad news of failure in Mimaneid. It is there that the two learn that Snadhya had returned from Felde, and the Sarghress were preparing to route the First Daughter at her old tower[13]. They are ambushed by the Nidraa'chal's finest and the operation is a complete failure--Nishi'kanta goes on the offensive against Bae'rali Val'Sullisin'rune as a distraction for Sillice to take out the Sul's sisters, but Sillice is interrupted by Mel'arnach and Shodun Val'Illhar'dro who were waiting to defend the three empaths.

Sillice is sorely upset by Nishi'kanta's unwillingness to pursue the Nidraa'chal further, but the Fourth Daughter states that it was a smarter decision to retreat to live another day. Despite the reasonable explanation, Sillice is further angered and deems her a coward--specifically, Sillice was hellbent on attacking Orthorbbae despite Nishi's warning that there were still innocent children inside--something that deeply enrages the normally calm pyromancer[14].

Chrys'tel appears to offer the first piece of good news: a breakthrough in the search for Snadhya'rune, who was hiding in the Val'Nal'sarkoth districts. Chrys'tel devises a plan to steal a cure from the Nidraa'chal, and Nishi'kanta agrees to help save her sister[15]. The Fourth Daughter returned to the Vel'Sharen fortress to retrieve her beloved creation, untouched after so many years[16].

The Nal'sarkoth Incursion

Although Snadhya'rune was promised by the Val'Nal'Sarkoth that the clan would protect her from aggressors, they could not stand against what had been coming towards them at an unbelievable pace. Nishi'kanta displayed her engineering prowess to the unsuspecting Nal'sarkoth soldiers; she seemingly melted their defenses with her golem, built for speeds that far exceed normal means[17]. Each blockade toppled before her golem's metal-melting foci gem, until Nishi'kanta reached an inner courtyard where her sister sat.

A Coward No More

As the sisters duel to the death, Nishi'kanta takes advantage of an opening.

Snadhya'rune was ready for her. At first, the elder daughter beckoned Nishi to sit and talk, but the younger daughter would have no more of those tricks. Fortunately, Chrys'tel's companions began their skirmish with Snadhya's agents, leaving no outside interference in the battle between the Empress' daughters[18]. Snadhya'rune opens up with earth sorcery and issuing a challenge to try ending her; Nishi'kanta answers with a golem warstomp that is quickly blocked by a dragon-shaped earth summon. As the summon engulfs Snadhya'rune, the large gem on the golem's underbelly glows a light brown and the summon's body crumbles. The First Daughter mocks Nishi'kanta's initiative and sends a drow summon to attack her, while Snadhya feeds the golem's foci gem a nether demon to shut it down.

Nishi is forced to detonate her golem's gem--a light blue mana explosion blasts through the courtyard, rendering both her golem and Snadhya's many summoning gems useless. Down to the wire, both sisters chose instead to fight with their affinities, Nishi with her fire and Snadhya with her earth. The fight seemingly went on for ever as the two battled with nothing but pure mana arts at their disposal. Once more, her elder sister taunts Nishi'kanta into giving up.

The End of Snadhya's Reign

A rock and a lot of determination is what it took to bring her sister down.

An'jin had been sneaking in the background, and took advantage of Sal'bara's stray spy golem to chuck it straight at Snadhya's head, and Nishi'kanta uses this opportunity to blast her sister point blank with fire[19]. Snadhya'rune seemingly took no damage, while Nishi'kanta nearly exhausted herself. This was because the First Daughter held her dragon summoning gem within her clothing, and used Nishi's mana to summon the creature once more--this was the source of Snadhya's lack of exertion. However, even when demanded to surrender and with the Nal'sarkoth army at her back, the Fourth Daughter did not back down from her purpose. Snadhya'rune quickly moved to snap up her sister in the earth golem's jaws, just as Nishi'kanta had picked up a stone in one hand prior.

With fire foci in her other hand, the worn down sister forced her way through Snadhya'rune's aura to break down the earthen shape and fall upon her sister with the rock. Snadhya'rune is struck several times and given a brutal kick to the stomach which finally disabled the dragon golem--both women fall from a height, Nishi'kanta landing badly on her leg and Snadhya'rune crushed by the falling debris[20].

As Nal'sarkoth forces closed in on her, Nishi gives one mournful look back at her sister's prone body before giving herself up to the soldiers.

Three days later, Nishi'kanta receives a visit from Viri'sylvia Val'Nal'sarkoth, who had been holding her hostage in the clan's lands. The message is simple: Snadhya lives, and she is willing to pay the Nal'sarkoth a large sum to retrieve Nishi'kanta. The Fourth Daughter warns the little leader to be careful of betrayal, but Viri'sylvia is well aware of the possibility of Snadhya's treachery. She reminds Nishi that the same can be said of her baby sister. [21]

Notable Quotes

"To die here would be fine. I'd rather forget what happened, and let my children live in ignorance of my deeds." --speaking to Sil'lice in the Val'Sharess' royal tower.[22]

"She will find a way to take back what's hers. You are making a grave mistake in trusting her." --speaking of Snadhya'rune, in the Nal'Sarkoth clan forests.

Character Concept