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Niva'li Des'intar Sullisin'rune

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Appeared in chapters                                         40                   

Niva’li is a cameo character designed by James. Niva'li is a feral guardian for Cair'deirene Sullisin'rune..

Appearance and Personality

Her body consists of mostly black hair while her head and tail has brown hair. She wears blue clothes. She is playful with her mistress and tends to wander for adventure whilele on duty.


She discovered Malag'nafein planting explosives on top of the building the Sarghress troops were resting in. During the chaos of the explosion, she leapt to the safety of another building, found Cair'deirene after the Slaver's district had been taken and went back to her favourite bed.

Notable Quotes

"Those are big, big enemies. Too much for little Niva'li."

Character Concept