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Sad Mask Lady

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Sad Mask Lady was an as-yet unnamed agent that assaulted the Ninth Tower in an attempt to claim the body of the Sharess, alongside her partner, Angry Eyes Lady. For the purposes of this article, she will be referred to as Samala and her partner as Aneyla.

Appearance & Personality

Samala was outwardly a tall female drowolath with an eerily-thin build and elongated arms. Her true nature was that of a living summon, the core of which appears to have resided in the base of her neck. She wore a plain suit of white armor with a hooded white cloak. She wore a white mask that completely disguised her features, painted with a stylized depiction of a face bearing a sad expression. Whatever her appearance behind the mask, it was sufficient to disgust Diva. As weapons, Samala used a pair of longswords in tandem.

In personality, she was feral and sadistic. Though she initially ignored the presence of a pair of non-combatants owing to a need for haste, she hesitated momentarily while doing so. Once those non-combatants became an obstacle, however slight, she took the excuse to attack with predatory brutality and a cold sadism, drawing out the suffering where possible.

Samala stabs Diva in the gut, assessing her reaction as she twists the blade.[1]

Biography - Arc III

Assaulting the Ninth Tower

Samala first appeared as she and her partner launched a bold raid upon the Ninth Tower of Orthorbbae, intent on accessing the preserved body of the Sharess. Having distracted the majority of the residents with a demon containing a shard of the Demon God, the pair were able to reach the elevator to the hidden tower undetected.[2] Upon ascending to the tower, they immediately entered the stairway to the upper level of the tower, cutting down any golems barring their path. The only living occupants in the two encountered were Diva and Lil'turtle, who had heard noises from the levels below, causing Diva to descend the staircase to investigate. Not considering either a threat and pressed for time, Samala sprinted past with only a brief turn of her head.[3]

Destroying the last remaining golems in the chamber housing the body of the Sharess, the two agents were confronted by Diva, who attempted to convince them to stand down. Ignoring her pleas, Samala allowed her partner to concentrate on breaching the sarcophagus while she faced Diva.[4] Though Diva made a respectable attempt to battle the intruder with sorcery, Samala easily overpowered her, driving one of her swords deep into her stomach and twisting the blade cruelly while tilting her head quizzically. Diva took the opportunity to pry the mask from her opponents face, the sight of which provoked a strong sense of disgust towards her daughter.

Kadara delivers the finishing blow as Sil'lice forces Samala into her waiting arms.[5]

With Aneyla's initial efforts seeing negligible success, she ordered Samala to refrain from killing Diva for the moment. Samala withdrew the blade from Diva's gut abruptly, spending a moment to secure her mask back in place. Perhaps irritated by the affront, or perhaps merely seeing an opportunity to inflict suffering, Samala grabbed hold of a feebly protesting Lil'turtle, dangling her in front of the crippled Diva. As Diva pleaded with Samala to let the child go, Samala slowly held her over the stairwell and released her, assessing Diva's reaction intently the entire time.[6]

Having given up her own attempts to open the sarcophagus, Aneyla ordered Samala to drag Diva before her, ordering the wounded woman to open the sarcophagus. As Diva refused, Aneyla coldly threatened her with a prolonged death. Before Aneyla could make good upon her threats, Sil'lice ascended the staircase holding a battered Lil'turtle.[7] Moving recklessly to engage this new threat, Samala was swiftly dismembered by a series of attacks from Sil'lice and Kadara, who had entered the chamber from the opposite stairwell. With her partner slain and Sil'nua also entering the chamber, Aneyla haughtily boasted that the pair would both be reborn, and her assailants were powerless to prevent their return. To her shock, Sil'nua calmly extracted the bloodied summoning core from the corpse of Samala, tossing it to his mother as he informed Aneyla that the Sharen exiles had encountered and destroyed such abominations before. As Aneyla could only watch, Sil'lice cooled the core with her sorcery and threw it against the stone floor, shattering it and permanently destroying Samala.

Notable Quotes

"She will be reborn. There's nothing you can do to stop us. We will return."[8] -Angry Eyes Lady, moments before Sil'nua and Sil'lice stop Sad Mask Lady from returning by destroying her summoning core.

Character Concept