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Sasi'rael Nidraa'chal

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Appeared in chapters                                             44  46   49   52       

Sasi'rael is a member of the Nidraa'chal that was assigned command of the captured Airship. She was the girlfriend of Kalki prior to the latter's death.

Appearance and Personality

She wears blue pants and a blue fur coat. She has purple streaks on her mostly white hair. Sasi’rael also has an alternate outfit consisting entirely of white garments, a white cloak and a white mask.


Felde peace conference

After arriving in Felde on the airship, she carries Jiann down. Sasi’rael then passes a knife to Jiaan after Snadhya'rune decides to pit him against Dycle.

Notable Quotes

"Aww, did you bust your kneecaps? That’s going to be hilarious, watching a Sharen-fucker like you trying to crawl." Demeaning Jiann.

Character Concept