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Val'Nal'sarkoth Fortress

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The fortress of the Nal’sarkoth resides in a side-cavern in Chel’el’sussoloth’s south-eastern corner, built from a great vertical pillar of stone by duergar contract workers. The interior is said to be adorned in wood and filled with countless wonders imported from the old world.


A portion of the clan woods, bathed in surface sunlight.[1]

The Val'Nalsarkoth fortress consists of two large towers carved out of giant stone pillars, surrounded by domed stone houses designed and built by dwarven craftsmen after the original fortress was destroyed during a clan war. The buildings are arranged around the terrain, creating multi-tiered walkways and staircases instead of the smooth, straight streets seen in other fortress locations[2]. Exotic plants and foliage appear tucked into any available garden bed, window planter box and in large, manicured courtyards and parks. Growing in the courtyards and around the surrounding buildings are large trees, something rarely seen in the underground due to the lack of proper light and growing conditions. The areas inside and outside of the buildings are well lit, giving them an almost daylight-like appearance. Within the main fortress tower itself, there are meeting rooms with high ceilings and lavish decorations designed to impress visitors and clients. There are many rooms in the main tower, also decorated in a manner that displays the material wealth of a merchant clan, allowing their guests to enjoy their stays in relative comfort.

Until recently, the walls surrounding the Val'Nalsarkoth fortress were thought to be impenetrable. This was proven incorrect by the intrusion of a war golem piloted by Nishi'kanta Vel'Sharen, who sought to confront Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen - a guest at the time of Viri'sylvia. The confrontation escalated until both the war golem [3] and surrounding courtyard of the main tower were destroyed [4].

The lands surrounding the Nal'sarkoth fortress are populated with many culture pools and farmland, although a portion of these districts were taken by Sarghress loyalists during The District War. The Clan also controls two gates that lead outside of Chel, one to the east and one directly behind the fortress in the southeast corner of the cavern[5].


Though the noble drow houses make up the head of the clan, their physical strength lies in their formidable army of goblin mercenaries. Though not recognized members of the clan these non-fae races are symbiotic to the Nal’sarkoth and have developed cultures of their own, rarely leaving their own areas of the clan’s territory. The clan is also houses a single duergar, an ambassador for the dwarven civilization he represents.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 51.