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Akumu'keshi Dutan'vir

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Akumu'keshi is one of the surviving remnants of the Val'Dutan'vir clan, now a member of Ariel's Wolfpack.

Appearance & Personality

Akumu'keshi is a somewhat shorter female mixblood with golden eyes. She has long silver hair that flows down to her hips. She is quite cheerful with a hobby of both reading and writing. In particular, she takes great joy in "shipping" those around her, even with the most unlikely of pairings. She wears white plate armor adorned with the symbols of House Mae'yukir and, after joining the colony of Machike, has taken to wearing a heavy brown cloak for additional warmth.

Biography - Arc II

Akumu'keshi throws her shipping journal at her attacker to buy time.[1]

Kyorl'solenurn Siege

Akumu'keshi was first seen as one of the many that responded to Minka's call to reclaim the ancestral Dutan'vir lands. A member of the Sarghress group that had split off from the clan to rejoin the Dutan'vir, she took part in the defense of the Dutan'vir Fortress against the Kyorl'solenurn siege. Having taken a brief respite from the battle to work on her journal, she noted to a passing Minka that he should have his wounded arm tended to. As he irritably suggested she instead check on her Sarghress friends, she snapped back that they had all gone rogue, and she did not control them.[2]

Several moments later, while making a note in her journal to pair Minka and Sker'ligr, she chanced upon a Kyorl'solenurn force that had scaled the walls of the fortress and breached the tower with earth sorcery. Throwing her journal at the Kyorl'solenurn squad's leader as a distraction, she fled to alert the rest of the Dutan'vir of the infiltration of the upper levels. Quickly encountering Sker, Minka, and Mal'ligr, she rallied with the rest of the Dutan'vir and began chasing down the scattering Kyorl'solenurn force. As Minka, Mal, and Akumu stood before a surrendering Satsicia, Akumu worryingly wondered who had remained to guard the main gate.

Ultimately, the Dutan'vir were forced to surrender when the Kyorl'solenurn caused the partial collapse of the fortress onto the district below, killing Sker. Akumu was seen among the captured survivors.[3] As a Dutan'vir that had not served among the Kyorl'solenurn, she would have been publicly executed alongside many of her fellow clan members had Anahid not ascended to power and taken her clan along a more forgiving path.

Return of Mikilu

Days later, Akumu assisted in recovering supplies to rebuild, alongside Vara'nin and Mal.[4] She briefly considered checking the ruins of the buildings upon which the fallen tower had collapsed, though Mal noted that it was likely that looters had already done so. As she moved to assist the much-smaller Vara'nin with the heavier objects, a nearby wall was warped with earth sorcery and Mal dragged within. As she rushed to his aid, the three Dutan'vir came face-to-face with Mikilu'ligr Val'Dutan'vir, sole remaining heir of Ill'haress Sannindi'ligr. Though Mikilu had initially assumed the Sarghress forces to be part of a hostile occupation, the trio were able to inform her of the recent peace forged by Anahid, as well as the arrival of House Mae'yukir to join the Dutan'vir while the Sarghress resolved their internal power struggle.

Reassured, Mikilu was escorted into the fortress by the three soldiers. There, she reunited with Minka while Akumu watched with a satisfied smile.

Akumu'keshi is nearly killed by a blast of debris launched by the airship.[5]

Biography - Arc III

Defense of Machike

At some point during the next three years, Akumu'keshi had moved to the surface colony of Machike'Shikumo along with her friends Mal'ligr and Vara'nin. When the Hermionne launched an assault upon the colony in the year 1117 MA, she fought to defend it. She was seen battling alongside Ischa, whose quick use of her metal sorcery spared Akumu what would otherwise have been a severe wound.[6]

Following the defeat of the Hermionne, the colony once more came under attack, this time by the airship under the control of Nidraa'chal agents. After abandoning the colony and fending off the airship with a captured cannon, the colonists fell back to the underground portion of Machike.[7] As the airship returned for another attack, Akumu was nearly killed when a blast destroyed the roof of the building she was standing on, with Akumu most likely managing to avoid injury from the fall by using her air sorcery.

Flight to Sha'shi

Unable to contest the airship as it rained destruction down upon the colony, Akumu regrouped with the majority of the other combat-capable survivors with the goal of luring the airship away from the rest of the colony.[8] As Ariel had encountered a Mimaneid scout, the battered survivors descended deeper into the Mist Sea, approaching the city of Felde.[9] There, they watched from the shadows as an Alliance convoy came under attack by a Kavahini patrol. Though the Kavahini were driven off, their leader was able to locate the colonists and Ariel negotiated a tentative alliance, with Kel'noz suggesting the survivors head to the city of Sha'shi.

Upon their arrival, the colonists had scant time to recuperate before the airship arrived at the city, unaware of its quarry's presence. Realizing their opportunity, Akumu participated as the colonists prepared to launch a surprise attack while the airship remained moored.[10] Though not without difficulty, the attack was a success, and the colonists succeeded in downing the airship and evicting the crew, intent on repairing the vessel and turning it upon their enemies.

Taking the Battle to Felde

With the main body of the Sarghress now also pursuing them, the decision was made to use the airship to attack Felde directly, alongside the Kavahini forces and the Highland Raiders. The plan, which involved luring the Sarghress Legion into Felde where they might battle the local garrison, was quickly derailed as a mana blast damaged one of the airships engines and forced a crash landing into the docking pier of Snadhya'rune's personal tower.[11]

Intent on carrying on with the plan despite this setback, the Wolfpack forces disembarked and launched an assault to secure the tower. Akumu took part in this battle personally, nearly being crushed by a Jaal'darya golem before being saved by Vual'raisa and her own golem.[12]

Notable Quotes

"Many of us have blood ties with the Dutan'vir, or can at least sympathize with the other half-bloods." - explaining the defection of the Mae'yukir House to Mikilu'ligr.[13]

Character Concept