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Aman'ita Jaal'darya

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Appeared in chapters                                               46             

A Jaal'darya botanist in service to Snadhya'rune.

Appearance & Personality

Aman'ita is a drowolath of average build with yellow eyes. She has dark magenta hair styled into a hime-cut, secured with an ornate golden headband. She wear an intricate dress with a white scarf, and half-moon spectacles. Is is extremely devoted to her work, and generally dismissive of people. She also has a rather callous and brutally pragmatic attitude, seeing little value in fae life. Despite this general lack of empathy, she is quite caring to the plants in her garden, befitting her role as a botanist.


She is first seen in the aftermatch of the Erelice's squad's attack in Felde. With the death of Femi, knowledge of the cure to the flower plague is lost, causing Snadhya'rune to desperately seek a replacement for the dead researcher. Wi'am brings forth Aman'ita as the most suitable candidate, and Snadhya'rune quickly tasks the rogue Jaal'daryan to recreate the cure.

She is later seen witnessing the attack on the airship with Fia'nova, quickly retreating into the relative safety of the palace complex.

Notable Quotes

"What's with the fuss? If Femi is dead they should just feed her to the plants and move on with it." -While investigating the disruption of her garden.

Character Concept