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Cal'idan Val'Sharen

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Appeared in chapters                                                          57  

Cal'idan is a Sharen renegade of Sil'lice's line. He is young and excitable, and ready to slay the Vels.

Appearance and Personality

Cal'idan is a short male drowolath with a lean build and purple eyes. He has short black hair left largely unstyled. He wears simply steel armor adorned only with a simple purple scarf. His preferred weapon is a longsword paired with a round shield.

He has an outwardly cheerful demeanor that masks a grim and rather vindictive worldview. His mind is analytical and focused, but also sternly uncompromising. He is entirely unforgiving of the Sharen that did not go into exile alongside his mother, believing any that remained as deserving little more than death.

Biography - Arc III

Cali'dan had joined his mother and sister Kadara to witness Sharess emerge from the preservation tank, much to his great wonder. As he helped steady the ancient dokkalfar, Cali'dan muses that this moment is historic--a living deity had chosen to reappear after a millenium. Kadara sees opportunity in using Sharess' authority to reclaim Sil'lice's honor[1]. Sil'lice herself held doubts about the legitimacy of who inhabited their ancestor's body, and to Cali'dan's shock she demanded they identify themselves with her weapon aimed at Sharess.

The living deity only shook her head and relied that she could not remember; Cali'dan was quick to quiz Sharess about any memories of the Netherworld until the woman calls out to Sil'lice as her own child. In truth, Diva had inhabited the body and was struggling with the surge of memories within her grand aunt's body, and her daughter Sil'lice understood that the moving body could really be her Empress mother. The four of them are then interrupted by by Kismel to warn of the Sarghress army marching on the Vel'Sharen council dome.

Notable Quotes

"What is the last thing you do remember? Did you travel the Netherworld?" - Speaking excitedly to the reawakened Sharess.[2]

Character Concept