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Fame'nidea Vloz'ress

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Fame'nidea is a nether summoner of the Vloz'ress Clan that is currently in the employ of Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress. She is an outcast among outcasts, and has been shifted around a lot within the Vel'Vloz'ress.

Appearance and Personality

Fame'nidea, like most Vloz'ress, is a reasonably quirky drow. She enjoys punk rock and is eager to put on a punk show in the ruins near the Vloz'ress Fortress. She is uncertain about following Kiel'nida, but does it anyway because she sees no other choice.

She dyes her hair orange and wears it in high pigtails. She has a scar on her forehead that is apparently the result of Kyorl branding. She has a red line tattooed across the middle of her face and her eyes are tainted red.

Biography - Arc II

Kiel's Cousin

She opened a nether gate near the Vloz'ress fortress solely so she could summon a nether goat for an upcoming performance she is planning. She closed the gate sloppily, allowing several demons to get through that Kiel'ndia and her crew had to clean up. Kiel'ndia finds her and chastises her for this, but offers three options as payment for her crime. Either Fame'nidea could serve as entertainment for Kharla'ggen, help in feeding Naal'suul, or join Kiel'ndia's crew. Fame'nidea hesitantly chose the third option, and got suckered into helping feel Naal anyway.

Once out of earshot of the others, Kiel apologizes for the show earlier and says that she figures family should stick together. Fame'nidea relaxes slightly at this knowledge, and helps Kiel carry the food she's brought for Naal. Fame'nidea went with Kiel to assault the Val'Beldrobbaen fortress, providing support for the daring assassination attempt. While the Vloz'ress escape, Fame'nidea opens a nether gate, deluging the Beldrobbaen with goat demons. After their golem crashes, she escapes with Vicyl while Kiel fights off the Beldrobbaen.

After the Vloz'ress return to their own lands, Fame'nidea started a band called Goat's Head with herself as singer holding an ethereal nether demon goat, Kor'rin playing the drums and Cac'bolg playing some sort of string instrument. Later she was present at the gathering where the stone containing the turtle summon was presented and she wonders why Kiel isn't happy despite her liking turtles. Later, on the turtle summon, she is seen talking to Kor'rin saying his pet Saliva is cute but noted that the summon made for a good mobile fortress.

Travelling to Felde

On the way to Felde, she spots something in the distance which she tells her companions about. It turned out to be a group of Jaal'daryas who got closer as they were curious about the turtle. The group on the summon decided to follow the Jaals after it turns out they were going in the wrong direction because Kharla fell asleep.

When they arrived in Felde for the peace conference, they gained the attention of Larvova Vloz'ress, Finol and Labran'che. She enters the party with An'jin Jie'yen who disguises himself as a servant to get information from Kyo'nne's band. Fame then challenges Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro to a singing contest, surprising her. Khal'harror toys with Fame for a brief moment before crushing her hopes, earning a laugh from Frisk. Kyo'nne invites Fame to her room so they can discuss the rival business there. Ran'diirk then walks past her and after Sarai tells him to go after Kiel, Fame tries to warn Kiel.

Biography - Arc III

Notable Quotes

"Scratch off the scab, bleed out the poison!" -lyrics to a song performed during her show rehearsal

Character Concept