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Farahang Siyah'khorshed

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Farahang is a Black Sun mercenary who once had a relationship with Shinae.

Apperance and Personality

Farahang is a tall male drowolath with a rangy build and amber eyes. He has dark violet hair that is tapered to a shorter length in the back. He dresses in a variety of simple tunics and cloaks, with a preference for khaki colours. His ears are pierced and he wears a variety of earrings depending on his mood. He generally opts to remain lightly armored, eschewing anything heavier than a simple breastplate and pair of gauntlets. His favoured weapon is a heavy machete.

He is a playfully sly individual, guarded with his emotions and rarely straightforward in conversation. While quite intelligent, he often feigns ignorance and exaggerates his accent to dissuade others from taking him seriously. He is bold and largely shameless in his approach to life, with a penchant for thievery and grifting that relies on audacity and an ability to turn away anger. Despite this, he is something of a romantic, as his interactions with Shinae have hints of a deeper affection beneath his flirtatious demeanor.

Biography - Arc II

Farahang and his men are assigned to the 4 Sharen-held districts at Darya Lake, but eventually they are pushed back by Sarghress forces. He meets Shinae Vel'Sharen (of who he is an ex boyfriend) at the base in the Slaver's district and tells her that the Earth Tribe is having doubts about following Sarv'swati Vel'Sharen and enduring mistreatment, but it's not his place to say if they will defect.[1] When a prison break occurs and Nihi'liir Vel'Sharen is murdered by Ariel, Shinae tells Farahang to gather his men and evacuate to safety.

When the district fell, he helped carry Shinae on the last stretch of the retreat. He later claimed to his men that exhaustion makes any angry Sharen into great kisser.

Biography - Arc III

Farahang was later present aboard the Nidraa'chal ship commanded by Sasi'rael as they pursued the Sarghress and colonists fleeing Machike. He inspired his men for an upcoming ground assault by promising to buy each soldier a round for bringing him the ears of ten Sarghress soldiers. He ordered Bargrez avoid catching his men in the bombardment, though the mercenary was dismissive of the demand.

Notable Quotes

"Get ten wolves ea's and the 'ound is on me! Fi'st on the g'ound! Fi'st to get the loot!"[2] - Inspiring his men for an upcoming battle with the Sarghress.

Character Concept