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K'sava Siyah'khorshed

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K'sava is a hulking Black Sun mercenary in the employ of the Sharen Alliance.

Appearance & Personality

K'sava is a tall female drowolath with an incredibly muscular build and grey eyes. She has long white hair with several stripes dyed black, all drawn back into braided dreadlocks. As a matter of preference, she dons relatively light leather armor if possible, with only moderate reinforcement. He favoured weapon is an enormous double-bladed axe.

She is a proud and aggressive individual, placing high value in personal strength and courage. Likewise, she holds tactics and abilities that rely on trickery or caution in contempt, viewing them as a cowardly attempts to avoid direct combat with one's foes. She holds herself to these same standards, and remains stubbornly defiant even in captivity and while suffering severe wounds. While she appears to regard heavy armor with some disdain, she is at least willing to don armor protecting her vitals, perhaps a result of her prior defeat and imprisonment at the hands of those with no such compunctions.

Biography - Arc II

Battle of Darya Lake

A captive K'sava spitefully spits in the face of Zair.[1]

K'sava first appeared during the District War, as the Sarghress began an assault of Darya Lake district. Positioned to defend a fortified slaver's manor within the district, she was encountered by a Sarghress Brawlers squad led by Jak'iaah. Having used earth sorcery to open a hole in the wall an attempt to find an alternative entrance, Jak'iaah and her squad found themselves face to face with the imposing figure. Though K'sava immediately leapt to attack her foes, Jak'iaah narrowly managed to seal the hole before the massive axe-blow could connect.[2]

While hesitant to assault the fort without reinforcements, Jak'iaah and her team used their earth foci to shape with spikes and then launching the mass inward, forcing K'sava to dodge the improvised shrapnel. While the Brawlers squad had hoped to force the defenders away from the breach, K'sava immediately stepped forward and swung her axe into the first to enter, cleaving through his armor and deep into his shoulder. While she fought ferociously, even managing to snap Sen'gil's sword with a glancing blow, she was ultimately surrounded and brought down by multiple wounds, with Zair mocking her for her rejection of the heavy armor that might have saved her.

In her weakened state, K'sava was bound by the remaining Brawlers and guarded at knife-point by one of the slaves the Black Sun were using in their various traps. Though too injured to free herself, she remained defiant, spitting into the face of her captors and refusing to yield information. She was freed when the Sharen collapsed the fort's tower in attempt to dislodge the Sarghress, though she was injured even further, passing out naked and bleeding in a nearby alley. She was found by starving commoners, who began to drag her away, but managed to regain consciousness -- much to the misfortune of her would-be cannibals.[3]

Ariel would later assume K'sava's form with her shape-shifting powers, using it to infiltrate the Sharen fortress and fooling one of K'sava's fellow tribeswoman.[4]

Biography - Arc III

Coalition Assault of the Dome

Several years later, K'sava remained in the employ of the Sharen. As Chrys'tel led a renegade faction of the Guard in an alliance with Ariel's Wolfpack to take down Snadhya'rune, K'sava was among those sent to defend against the incoming assault, working alongside a fellow mercenary and one of her own tribesman.[5]

Notable Quotes

"Steel-plated cowards."[6] - While surrounded by Jak'iaah's squad.