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Briz'dra Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                              45* 46             
Appeared in side stories Jaal'darya Investigation

Briz'dra is a spellsinger within the Sarghress ranks assigned to Erelice’s squad.

Appearance and Personality

Briz'dra's long hair is mostly blue but a part of it is dyed red. She has a tendency to be blunt and abrasive. She wears blue clothes over her armor.


Meeting Wafay

Brizdra met Wafay and responded to her inquiry by stating Suu'be wouldn’t waste more troops before being interrupted by Erelice.

The Jaal'darya Fortress

As Wafay explains her mother’s experiments, Brizdra questions how it is all related to the Nidraa'chal to which Wafay answers she’s seen her mother’s notes and her mother frequently gets visited by a tainted woman. When Jaal'darya golems make themselves known, Brizdra is shocked that Erelice conceded to their demands to have Wafay back but Filf'rae and Erelice calm her down by stating the mission continues as planned. The squad secures a couple of boats to cross the lake separating them from the Jaal'darya fortress. While crossing the lake, they are attacked by the Jaal’s golems. The squad fights back. Brizdra uses her spellsinging to drive them away. The squad successfully crosses the lake where they are greeted by the Jaal'darya clan members.

Briz'dra uses spellsong to try to calm the Jaal'Darya water guardians.

The Jaals ask the Sarghress squad to explain themselves. After Erelice talks to the Jaals the Jaals decide to let them stay as they arrange an audience with Asira'malika Val'Jaal'darya. Brizdra is impressed with the Jaal fortress and compares it to the fortress in Val'Raveran. Several hours later, the squad is still waiting for somebody to see them. After Sabryne sees a golem with a message attached, she whispers in Brizdra’s ears and Brizdra uses a spell song to put everyone to sleep. She then helps her squadmates wake up. Brizdra tells Erelice that they have a lead and Sabryne has a map courtesy of Wafay. The squad then follow the map. They reach a room and Erelice tells Vayas'arn and Brizdra to stand guard while Filf'rae and Sabryne goes in with her. Unfortunately, the Jaals catch and imprison them.

Later, during a hearing with a council of Jaal representatives, the Jaal'darya demand that the squad explains their actions. Erelice explains Wafay’s concerns about a Nidraa'chal conspiracy within the clan and the squad has found that Femi Val'Jaal'darya has indeed created a flower similar to what Wafay describe. This troubles the Jaals who admit that while Femi has the right to develop such a weapon, they have had traitors before. They then allow the Sarghress to leave. Filf'rae and Brizdra asks Erelice why she didn’t mention the map or the encoded journal. She answers that the Jaals would figure it out anyway and they might never have let them leave. The squad leaves Jaal territory and proceed to report back to Quain, ignoring the council's request to honor their clan's judgement.

Defense of Felde

Briz'dra regrets volunteering for the mission as the airship prepares to execute her squad.

Briz'dra an the rest of her squad are then ordered to infiltrate Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen's stronghold, seeing to it that they secure samples of the Jaal'darya concoction for the clan rather than for the sake of the Jaals themselves. The job is botched when security forces are alerted to their presence, and Femi is assassinated in the process. Order is quickly restored and Snadhya'rune plans a spectacular show for the Feldian party guests that their captain is forced to watch--in the form of an execution of the Sarghress squad by mana cannons, provided by the stolen Illhar'dro ship. At first, as the cannons fire and the squad reacts differently to their execution; Briz'dra regrets having volunteered for this mission before most of her head vaporizes under fire.

Notable Quotes

"Find peace and slumber, my precious darlings, or choke and die, because you’re creepy and gross..." Briz'dra’s spellsinging

Character Concept