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Lysire'indris Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                           42       49          

An extremely blunt and pragmatic warden of Order of the Twin Eyes, tasked with investigating clan corruption.

Appearance and Personality

Lysire'indris is a pureblood drowussu with green eyes. She wears a rather fine white robe and cloak over light armor. Her hair is brown and tied back into a ponytail. Lysire'indris is extremely crass and blunt when speaking, making no attempt to soften her words. She is also rather pragmatic, viewing training in the nether arts to be a quite necessary evil.


She is kept an eye on Chirinide and Shan'naal but they don't notice. She is next seen in a flashback as Petri'cho recounts how Lysire'indris and Miner'a brought her to Rafal'za. She is next seen alongside Ky'ovarde as they confront Chirinide and Shan'naal on what was in the messages Shimi'lande Val'Kyorl'solenurn left for her daughters. Next she is seen, she is with Ky'ovarde and Miner'a where Lysire'indris restrains Kale'shido, Miner'a attacks an unknown Templar and Ky'ovarde executes Judicator Kyuusei for his actions.

Holy Mother Arc

Lysire is next seen accompanying Ky'ovarde as the pair meet with Anahid and her escort. Ky'ovarde informs Anahid's group of the suspicious absence of their Order's Judicators. While the rest of Anahid's escort continues on, Shan joins with the two wardens to investigate the disappearances.

Upon entering the sanctum, they bear witness to the scene of a massacre; with the majority of the building's occupants mercilessly slain. They find Kousei to be the sole survivor, who informs them that the attack was carried out by a single unrecognized Inquisitor.

They have little time to investigate further, however. Valla'drielle moves quickly to use this opportunity to purge some of her detractors, pinning the blame for the massacres upon the survivors and sending a contingent of soldiers to apprehend the group. As Shan and Lysire leave with Kousei, Ky'ovarde activates a hidden nether gate to buy time for the trio to escape. Shan is horrified at both it's presence and use, but Kousei and Lysire bluntly explain the cold pragmatism of having existing gates on hand, as well as the widespread knowledge of nether summoning among the Kyorl'solenurn.

Notable Quotes

"Cut it out, we know Shimi'lande left messages for her daughter. I've been dancing around to your footsteps all day!" - Speaking to Chirinide

Character Concept