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Itan'sha Mae'yukir Sarghress

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Itan'sha is an ex-Val'Kyorl'solenurn who now leads the Val'Sarghress' Mae'yukir house.

Appearance and Personality

Itan'sha has been described as being "heretical as it gets for ssu." [1] She bears the mark of a heretic carved into her forehead, as is Kyorl'solenurn custom, and she is mostly blind in both eyes. She is a hard and professional leader, but is happy to let anyone with helpful skills join her ranks - tainted or not.


Itan'sha was branded as a traitor by the Val'Kyorl'solenurn for refusing to acknowledge the hardline religious nature of the clan, after which she, like many others, joined the Val'Sarghress clan. Itan'sha was put in charge of House Mae'yukir, which slowly drew many drowussu runaways and survivors from both the Val'Kyorl'solenurn and the Val'Dutan'vir clans. Itan'sha and her house became the Val'Sarghress clan's leading experts on nether summoning and sealing tactics.

Biography - Arc I

Preparing For War

Itan'sha and Sker'ligr lead the Mae'yukir out to seal the nether gates opened by the Vel'Sharen summoners.

The Val'Sarghress devesses were summoned by Quain'tana to prepare for the upcoming war with the Vel'Sharen clan. Itan'sha questioned the Ill'haress about her new heir, asking her to shed light on the rumors. When it was confirmed that there was a new heir, Itan'sha remained skeptical, remarking that it smelt like Jaal'Darya science to her.[2] The discussion was concluded as Syphile tumbled down a nearby set of stairs, falling at the feet of Quain'tana and the gathered devesses.

Defending the Val'Sarghress Fortress

Itan'sha welcomes Tir'ade, as she had many a former Kyorl heretic in the past.

During the attack on the Val'Sarghress Fortress by the Vel'Sharen forces, Itan'sha led her house into the fray, targeting the nether gates opened by Yaeminira Vel'Sharen and other Sharen nether summoners.

While hunting down nether demons, Itan'sha and Sker'ligr stumbled across Tir'ade, who had nearly exhausted himself attempting to seal the nether demons in the area. After thanking him for his assistance, it was revealed that he had come to the Sarghress to return the body of Ant'alya Sarghress to the clan for proper burial.

Having impressed her twice with both gestures, Itan'sha welcomed Tirade, like many others, into her House with open arms despite the fact that he was tainted.[3]

Biography - Arc II

Ending The District War

After her parlay with Zala'ess Vel'Sharen, Quain'tana again called the devesses to a meeting to discuss whether or not to join the proposed alliance. Itan'sha voted in favor of the alliance, citing that they would need a few days to deal with the growing danger from the Kyorl clan - particularly their new, more aggressive Holy Mother.[4] Before the meeting could be concluded,, however, Itan'sha appeared to sense the arrival of a wave of nether demons, coinciding with a warning from Reka Sarghress.


Following the death of Quain'tana, Itan'sha moved her House to the newly restored Dutan'vir district until the power struggle within the Sarghress clan were sorted out. With the assistance of the Mae'yukir and the Val'Kyorl'solenurn clan, the Dutanvir were finally able to begin their clan's restoration.[5]

Notable Quotes

"No need to hide your eyes, templar." - to Tir'ade after he shows up at the Val'Sarghress clan [6]

"They worry me, Quain. I know that new Holy Mother of theirs. She will fuel the flames of war to a level of fanaticism that many of our recruits are unprepared for." - To Quain'tana, when attempting to warn her of the growing threat of the Val'Kyorl'solenurn clan.

Character Concept