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Tir'ade Kyorl'solenurn

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Tir'ade is an ex-Kyorl'solenurn templar who was tainted while trying to restore peace in a Val'Sarghress-patrolled district. He ran away from the warden who tried to give him an honorable death, and ended up making his way into the Val'Sarghress ranks.

Appearance and Personality

Tir'ade is a dutiful soldier who respects the faith he was raised by. Though is is ultimately unable to give his own life for these beliefs, he is torn between his scripture and his shameful sense of self-preservation. Despite this, his is honorable enough to repay his debts and do his job no matter the cost.

Tir'ade is a tall drowussu with pale blonde hair. His forehead bears a simple dark circle tattoo and his eyes are tainted red.

After the conclusion of The District War, Tir'ade left the Mae'yukir to return to his birth clan. Three years after the schism in the clan resolved with Anahid's ascension, Tir'ade resides in the Kyorl colony on the surface, thanks to policy changes regarding tainted.

Biography - Arc I

An Honorable Templar

Tir'ade was originally a templar of the Val'Kyorl'solenurn clan. When he heard news that demons had been set loose in a nearby city, he immediately rushed back to the fortress to find Warden Ky'ovarde to clear up the mess. A young warden, Chirinide, intercepted him and insisted on accompanying him.

Tir'ade lead them to the source of the bad news. They found a massacred Sarghress patrol unit, but before they could fully asses the situation, they were attacked by a surge of ethereal demons pouring from a nearby nether gate. It wasn't long before several possessed and mutated drow were upon them, so Tir'ade fought to defend Chirinide as she closed the gate. When the gate was finally sealed shut and the attacking demons had been defeated, Tir'ade turned to face Chirinide only to realize he had become tainted in his weakened state.

Tainted Runaway

File:Tir'ade Sealing.jpeg
Tir'ade stems the flow of nether from an open gate.[1]

Conflicted, he decided to run rather than face his own death as the law of his clan dictated. He escaped into the ruins of the Nidraa'chal war, where he collapsed after attempting to exorcise his own demon. Knowing it was an exercise in futility, he fell asleep.

He was woken up by Ant'alya, a lone Val'Sarghress scout who had found him out in the ruins. She provided him with food and water and offered him a place in the Val'Sarghress clan if he even ran out of other options. Being a proud Kyorl, he rejected this offer and continued his attempts to purge himself of the demon.

Days passed, and Ant'alya continued to bring food and supplies. Tir'ade was grateful for the charity, but knew he had to figure out a more permanent solution. While exploring the ruins, he was horrified to find Ant'alya's dead body horribly mangled in the street. Owing her a debt of gratitude, he decided that he would bring her body back home to her family.

When he arrived, the Sarghress fortress was mysteriously under attack and an open nether gate was still setting demons free. Tir'ade sprung to action, fighting his way to the gate's source and using the sealing stones he carried to hold the nether at bay. He didn't have the skills to seal the gate, but he was able to keep any more demons from escaping until the sealers of House Mae'yukir arrived to handle it. Itan'sha congratulated his efforts and bravery in holding the gate and returning the body of Ant'alya, remarking that his actions had twice honored him. She warmly accepted him into the Mae'yukir house of the Val'Sarghress clan, and Tir'ade finally accepted.

Tir'ade Mae'yukir Sarghress

Tir'ade was uncomfortable with his new allegiance, knowing that he had left everything behind. He was surrounded by other ex-Kyorl heretics in the Sarghress ranks, but his faith contradicted directly with his actions. While patrolling with his new partner, Abyte, he was spat upon by an old Val'Kyorl'solenurn friend of his when his tainted eyes were spotted. He took small comfort in learning that most of the members of his house shared similar fates, but still felt ill at east in his Val'Sarghress armor.

Biography - Arc III

Years later, following the ascension of Anahid as Holy Mother of the Kyorl'solenurn, all tainted were allowed to return to the clan. Tir'ade had accepted the offer and became a colonist of the Upper Shikomei colony. While harvesting wood alongside Shan'naal, Tir'ade remarked that the harvest of scraps was poor, though Felyn'mice had given permission to cut down a tree within the week. Upon their return, they were signaled by Shinhwa, who directed them to a feverish Chiri.[2]

When Chirinide and Shan find out there are expecting, Tir'ade and Abyte tried their best to console Shan about the news, who was very worried and gloomy about the prospect of having to raise a light elf child in a society that does not accept them[3].

Character Concept