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Valyn'dyne Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                     52       

Valyn'dyne is a Sarghress soldier and former Vloz'ress serving in Machike during the Hermionne attack in the Year 1117 of the Moonless Age.

Appearance & Personality

Valyn'dyne is a lightly-built female drowussu with tainted eyes. She wears her hair undyed and short, usually covered by a woven hat. She wears a multi-layered tunic of red and orange and retains her former Vloz'ress mask, hanging it from her neck when not donning it. She is a cheerful and somewhat whimsical individual, with a playing mocking attitude. She is fascinated by the overworld, which had suited her well to life in a surface colony following the destruction of the Vloz'ress clan.

Valyn'dyne battles the goblin horde alongside Shaira'ja.[1]

Biography - Arc II

Valyn'dyne was first seen among the Sarghress defenders holding off the Hermionne siege on Machike'Shikumo, fighting alongside Shaira'ja and suffering a glancing blow from debris that damaged her mask. Though the colony was successful in repelling the invaders, they were soon faced with an even greater threat as Kyo'nne arrived aboard the Nidraa'chal airship. After Kyo'nne's attempts at negotiations failed to compel the colony to yield and she herself was forced to return to the vessel, the airship opened fire with its cannons. The assault forced the colonists to abandon the colony, with the airship doggedly pursuing them. After several days, Valyn'dyne was among the few survivors to remain as the battered force retreated ever deeper into Chel.[2]

By chance, the colonists stumbled across an Alliance convoy traveling to Felde. As they watched from a distance, they witnessed an ambush upon the convoy by Mimaneid forces. Though the attackers were able to cause numerous casualties among the Alliance forces, they were driven back by the nether summong of Oiloss'lin. One of the Kavahini soldiers, wounded in the battle, fled into the crevices where the colonists had hidden themselves. As the colonists moved to aid the wounded fighter, Valyn'dyne interposed herself between Koubagia and a pursuing Sharen knight[3], who happened to be none other than her former mate. Though he was taken aback by her presence, she was firm in her demand for him to turn back without revealing their presence. As he reluctantly obeyed, Valyn'dyne could only remark at the strange circumstances of their chance meeting.

Notable Quotes

"Talk about a coincidence. To meet an ex partner in the middle of all this..."[4]

Character Concept