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Zuhur Vel'Sharen

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Zuhur is one of Zala'ess' many sons and the newest member of the Imperial Guard. He was born as a triplet together with his sisters Tehur and Vahur.

Appearance & Personality

Zuhur is a lean male drowolath with tainted eyes and grey hair, which he wears shoulder-length and curly. His armor is that of standard teal Sharen plate armor worn typically by Zala'ess' bloodline. He is outwardly cheerful and very dutiful, sometimes to the point of irritating his comrades. He is somewhat phobic of the Sullisin'rune, owing to past trauma. He rides a green female dragon named Kaesi.

Biography - Arc III

Alliance Convoy

Zuhur was part of an escort caravan to see his sister Suna'madhuri through the Nidavellir, not far from Felde. When Mimians attacked the group, Zuhur fired on them in an attempt to prevent them rom swooping in to kill the travelers. When Oiloss'lin took down the Kahavini warrior Koubagia, Zuhur was ordered to track her down--it was then that he stumbled upon Ariel and other escapees from Machike, meeting his old Vloz'ress mate Valyn'dyne Vloz'ress (who threatened to kill him). On pain of death, he returned to the caravan to lie to Oiloss'lin that the wounded Mimian had escaped[1].

Second Battle of Felde

Zuhur is then stationed with Al'tesh in Felde--much to his disappointment, because of his fellow Imperial Guardsman being caught stealing alcohol[2]. Even the rain turned against Zuhur, who stood soaked while Al'tesh had the convenience of his water affinity. While defending the gates of the city against the Highland Raiders, the two of them were among those unable to prevent Quil'yate from passing through to contend with Shodun[3].

Joining The Guard

Following his return from Felde, Zuhur was promptly inducted as the newest member of the Imperial Guard. His sister took to adjusting his armor and promised their Captain that she would would oversee his training. Being fresh into the position and unsure of what to do, Zuhur panicked when his fellow Guard swiftly muscled in on a suspected Nidraa'chal for interrogation[4].

Later, he and the rest of Chrys'tel's loyalists mobilize with the Sarghress clan to march on the Nidraa'chal-controlled remnants of the Alliance[5]. After dispatching a cannoneer ambush, Chrys'tel ordered the Imperial Guards to return to Ariel's army. However, she, Zuhur and Leona were seperated from the rest of the Guards and pinned down by Nidraa'chal crossbow fire. Their older sister Saph'ala donned Imperial Guard armor herself, but to participate and gain an opportunity to kill their younger sister[6].

Chry'stel retaliated with a massive blast of acidic blood that hit both Zuhur and Leona, but severely wounded Saph'ala, Cahal and the Nidra'chaal assassins. Listening to Saph'ala's last words begging Chrys'tel to let go of her revenge against Snadhya'rune gave Zuhur pause. In an unbelievable twist, his elder sister revealed that their Empress mother had sided with the First Daughter, and Chrys'tel was marching against the will of the Alliance. Leona ended Saph'ala's life before more could be said, but the young male still questioned if their own mother wanted them all dead now[7].

Notable Quotes

"Sarghress! But you're part of the Alliance. I don't get it--What's going on here?"[8] - Speaking of encountering Ariel and the Sarghress colonists.

"I won't bring shame to the guards!"[9] - Proudly committing himself to The Guard.

Character Concept