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Verthandi Azaeloth Val'Beldrobbaen

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Verthandi is a Nidraa'chal agent that works to get Kiel'ndia to the false Empress.

Appearance & Personality

Verthandi wears a flowing dark blue dress that covers her entire body, including a head piece adorned with white jewels. Like most Beldrobbaen, her hair is black and her eyes are light grey. She is easily able to keep up appearances while doing under-the-table work for both her clan masters and the Nidraa'chal. She also doesn't like tainted people, or young people, or exhibitionists.

Biography - Arc II

Kiel'ndia's infiltration of the Beldrobaben fortress to kill the false empress is largely due to Verthandi's efforts--the Vloz'ress is able to fool soldiers that she has an invitation from the woman to enter their domain, when truly the two are aiming to take the false Empress' life. Verthandi immediately fills Kiel in with details about the fake's location in the fortress guest tower, how many guards present, as well as their patrol patterns. Verthandi continues their ruse by alerting Vierraena that the "guests" had murdered the Empress, and is later seen overlooking a skirmish between invading Sarghress forces and Sharen/Beldrobbaen troops.

Kiel mentions to Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen that Khaless Sharen gave the young girl a gift, in the form of Verthandi giving Kiel easy access to the false Empress. This implies that the Beldrobbaen took orders from the vel'akar or some Nidraa'chal agent, reflecting Sha'sana's words that there is a Nidraa'chal hidden in every great clan.

Staying at Felde

At Felde, Verthandi reported to Snadhya'rune on the task she was given before discussing her clan's future in Snadya'rune's vision. When visitors arrived, Snadya'rune invited Verthandi to stay for the gathering to which Verthandi agreed.

Felde peace conference

During the conference, after Ran'diirk’s failed attempt to kill Snad, she shows surprise at the summons everywhere. She was later present during Snad’s speech where she tries to assure Snadya’rune the Belds are ready to fold which Snad states she believes. When Shodun gave the command, she kneeled.

The Flower Plague

She is next seen in the Beldrobbaen fortress, shortly after the Puppeteer Incident. While Hile'wen debriefs Waes'soloth on the current status of Chel, Nin'diil makes a crazed attempt on the life of the ancient matriarch and is quickly cut down through shadow sorcery. Verthandi quickly approaches the injured Ill'haress and uses bone sorcery to mend her broken arm.

Shortly thereafter, Waes'soloth organizes a meeting of the house heads to discuss recents events, yet only two attend. As reports come in of erratic behavior from the other houses, Waes sends couriers to demand explanations, but is interrupted as Verthandi gives her report regarding the flower poison and Snadhya'rune's offer of a cure. As Verthandi argues for the merits of bending to Snadhya'rune, Waes'soloth's fury grows, and she nearly kills Verthandi on the spot. Ultimately, Verthandi concedes that, if the Clan does not yield, a purge is necessary to protect the clan.

With nature of the threat now clear, many of those present leave to begin preparations for a purge of the infected. As Verthandi departs, she is halted by a guard who blames her for the spread. Though she is allowed to leave the meeting with the intervention of Hile'wen, rumors of the plague spread quickly. As some flock to her for advice, others arrive convinced of her treachery. Though she protests her innocence, she is overwhelmed and pinned to the ground. Her attackers cut hair from her head and would have cut out her tongue, were it not for the timely intervention of Waes'soloth.

Having been convinced of the need for the clan to stand united, both Vel and Commoner, Waes'soloth arrives with a servant that identifies the true poisoner, Laan's sixth born. With her treachery exposed, the young Val opens her robes to reveal numerous vials of the infectious poison. Realizing the danger, and having already been struck by one such vial, Waes'soloth orders the others to evacuate the room, including Verthandi.

Following the arrival of the Jaal'darya with offers of experimental treatment, Waes'soloth grants her blessing for those of the clan who wish it to leave for Felde in the hopes of receiving Snadhya'rune's cure. Verthandi is seen among those departing, reporting to another agent of Snadhya'rune, who is disappointed that so few have elected to make the journey.

Biography - Arc III

Notable Quotes

"My fears came true. They've murdered our guests. Inform Waes'soloth!! Waste not a second." -Alerting Vierraena and other Beldrobbaen of Kiel'ndia's intrusion.

Character Concept